Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

Commission Status

Current Commission Status: Accepting Badge or Badge-Sized Painting Commissions

Blizzcon 2014 Badge Commissions
3. Geoff
4. Kristi
5. Glaciel
6. Ngakma
7. Ross F.
8. Thirah
9. Rezznul
10. Adam E*
11. Noxy
12. Mohamed M.
13. Robyn


Marc B
George G.
Elizabeth H.

Bill L.
Ed N.

Commissions: (in order they were received)
Currently working on:
1. Kohbae
2. Stubborn
3. Redbeard
4. Itanya
5. Pargath
6. Kelsey
7. Nolan

Comments on: "Commission Status" (4)

  1. You have immortalized Lorimar, the Priest of Patience. That means a lot!

  2. […] at this pretty watercolor art Vidyala did! Pretty! (And she does commissions too! […]

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