Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

Commission Status

Current Commission Status: Accepting Badge or Badge-Sized Painting Commissions

Blizzcon 2014 Badge Commissions
1. Elizabeth H. (in progress)
2. Ed N.
3. Geoff
4. Kristi
5. Glaciel
6. Ngakma
7. Ross F.
8. Thirah
9. Rezznul
10. Adam E*
11. Noxy
12. Mohamed M.


Marc B
George G.

On-hold: Bill L.

Commissions: (in order they were received)
Currently working on:
1. Kohbae
2. Stubborn
3. Redbeard
4. Itanya
5. Pargath
6. Kelsey
7. Nolan

Comments on: "Commission Status" (4)

  1. You have immortalized Lorimar, the Priest of Patience. That means a lot!

  2. […] at this pretty watercolor art Vidyala did! Pretty! (And she does commissions too! […]

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