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Commission Status

Current Commission Status: On Hold (not accepting any more commissions)

This is a list of people who have expressed interest in commissioning art and projects I am currently working on. Names will be added to the list in the order that I receive them. Please note that I won’t add your name to the list just because you e-mailed me, I will add it when I have your character information or details about your requested commission! I won’t request payment until I’m ready to start working on your commission. Please allow a few days for a response to inquiries as I’m handling an influx at the moment. Thanks for your interest in my art!

Commissions: (in order they were received)

Currently working on: Maelianna

1. Kohbae
2. Stubborn
3. Redbeard
4. Itanya
5. Pargath
6. Kelsey
7. Nolan

Anon A
Anon C
2013 Blizzcon Badges
1. Beruthiel (completed)

2. Arielle (completed)
3. Jason (completed)
4. Tikari (completed)
5. Brett (completed)
6. Riley (completed)
7. Sunnier (completed)
8. Rhidach (completed)
9. Elunamakata (completed)
10. Leah (pending references)
11. Ana (completed)
12. Elfindale (completed)
13. Reesi (completed)
14. Fontis (completed)
15. ExLucis (completed)
16. Anon M (completed)
17. Jed (completed)
18. Skarn (completed)
19. Antigen (completed)
20. Zerena Hoofs (in-progress)
21. Angel (completed)
22. James (completed)
23. Marconin (completed)
24. Tass (completed)
25. Vosskah (completed)

Comments on: "Commission Status" (4)

  1. You have immortalized Lorimar, the Priest of Patience. That means a lot!

  2. […] at this pretty watercolor art Vidyala did! Pretty! (And she does commissions too! […]

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