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Comments on: "Authenticators; or Why I Wasn’t Guild Leader For A Week" (11)

  1. OMG i want a cutie like that. I actually have another authenticator waiting to be used. I will not be w/o my wow.

    I recently took over guild temporarily from our GM who is working on his PHD paper and scarce until it is over. My first act? Reinstating the ‘Lameass” rank..for those dufuses who either :

    1. Mention Leroy Jenkin to our officer Kobi…you see he was on that server when it happened and the server lock up made him HATE the name…yeah, guildies are forewarned….but they do like to tease. hehe.

    2. Just cause in raid, it sometimes seems better than just demoting to friends and family which is our lowest rank

    Good article. Thanks.

  2. I’ll let Soul comment about his guild’s rules on authenticators, but Quintalan’s guild has a strict authenticator policy that got put in place earlier this year.

    Several guild members –including one of the officers– got their accounts hacked. We got really lucky; another officer happened to be on when the hacked officer’s account was running rogue, and the hacked account was busted down to recruit status before the bank got gutted.

    To prevent the need for that in the future, anyone who doesn’t have an authenticator isn’t allowed above recruit status. It’s not to be mean or anything, but it’s to protect the bank.

    FWIW, when my account was hacked I was officially a recruit, so the only damage was to my own account. Considering that I’ve an authenticator for my real life job, I don’t mind them at all.

  3. My original guild was disbanded because the GM didn’t have an authenticator on his account. (Although I secretly have a suspicion that he gave up on the guild one night after having a few too many.) All of our officers now have authenticators as do most of our long term members. Additionally I have the vault set up by level range to that the most a hacked account can get are 3 pieces of armor/weapons and 3 pulls from the mats tab. So the damage a hacker can do to our vault is minimal.

  4. Shadowspawnd said:

    The former GM of my guild got hacked but at at time when there were several people online who knew it was not him (no response to whispers and wrong time of day) so there were several ticket submitted. The guild bank was being cleaned out but several of us, being officer, took as much as we could before it was all taken and set up a temporary guild bank with alts. It took a few days but we got everything back with a bonus, the hacker had dropped a profession on one of the GM’s toons and switched to herbalism then leveled it to cap. He got a maxxed out, cash making profession from the hacker.

    For an idea of what to do with your authenticator and your plushies, take a look at

  5. My Authenticator died recently as well. The same phone call you made took me about the same ten minutes…

    Well, probably a different ten minutes, but you know what I mean.

    Anywho as soon as I was able to log in (I felt really naked running without an authenticator) I had my son log in to help me out.

    I took the alt he had in my banker guild and made him GM. I deposited all but about a hundred gold in the bank, and then stripped my character bank/bags of everything that was not soulbound to put in there as well.

    Then we demoted me to the penalty box (G-chat only, no rights to anything)

    No nothing bad happened.

    Yes my new authenticator was in my hot little hands withing 48 hours.

    Yes my son wants me to teach him to play the AH now that he has seen what my bank looks like. (I keep tab one open and full of bags and other starter stuff for friends and family that want to make a chatting alt, thats all he had ever seen)

    All this paranoia comes from watching my brothers account get hacked, in fact following him around and watching him strip the account.

    He was actually in a raid when it started, logged into his account. Someone else logged in, kicking him, and changed his password before he could. The hacker then popped online, hearthed, and got to work.

    All the while my brother is on his second account screaming at the guy and franticly putting in a ticket to report a hack in progress.

    The poor guy was a enchanter, the hacker DE’d his entire setup. Full tier 7, back when Naxx was still progression content for most of us, and all we could do is watch it happen.

    The GM that he contacted in game as we followed him around said he could not do a thing. He was not allowed to kick a player and lock an account based on the word of others in game… even the actual owner on his second account.

    On the plus side there was an officer on that demoted him down far enough to remove bank access before he even got there.

    Still, my brother was without his main account for a good two weeks while they sorted things out, and he never did get all his gear back. He ended up taking one of those care packages Blizz was offering and starting over.

  6. I admit I got an authenticator app for the iphone the day the corehound pup came out, but it’s nice peace of mind to have now. I had to yell and yell at my brother to get an app for his smartphone – this from a guy who had been hacked, robbed, left naked in the street a year ago. Even after reminding him how we made his warrior wear pally plate as we rounded up new gear for him.

    I love the new “requires authenticator” level for guild. I’m no officer but it’s got to make life easier for them.

  7. I think authenticators are a no brainer. There is too much money to be made from this game for hackers out there so we’ll always be a target. The authenticators work well, are cheap and now you can have electronic ones on smartphones. There is no reason not to have one.

    And Vid, you’re right when saying that getting hacked and having your account destroy your guild’s bank, screws up your friends’ raiding schedule because you have no gear left makes one feel like utter crap. And all of this can be avoided for $6. Although one should probably replace it every 18 months or so, just in case 🙂

  8. Grats on finishing your Higher Learning!

    Kamalia still has three books left — downstairs in the Ledgerdemain, downstairs in the Violet Citadel, and the Threads of Fate balcony. Now that the pre-Cataclysm events have run their course and no new stuff will be being added before the Shattering, I should take her back to Dalaran and start camping for those books again.

    I don’t have an authenticator yet, and it’s made me feel kind of nervous sometimes. I tried to buy one a few months ago after one of my guildies got hacked, but the Blizzard Store refused to process my credit card information. I wondered if perhaps it was getting hung up on me ordering the authenticator from a Canada ISP and having it shipped to a Canada address while my credit card is from a US bank. I’m going to try again next week while we’re in the US for Thanksgiving, and see if by ordering the authenticator from a US ISP and having it shipped to the US address where we’ll be staying I can actually get one.

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