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Monday Linking Love

I have another edition of linking love for your Monday – welcome to the week! (I’m not actually that chipper, but by gosh, I am trying!) I’m even writing this a day early because I know it’s not going to happen tomorrow morning, that’s for sure.

First up, Anafielle at Righteous Defense has a message for Low Level Paladin tanks. (Voss thinks the message is “roll a warrior instead,” but I think he may have a slight bias).

ArcaneTinkerTank at Murloc Parliament has some advice for getting your financial house in order for the coming Cataclysm. It’s pretty simple, really – and yet I still have more junk in my alt guild than I’m willing to admit to!

Cayleb from Bubble Hearth is starting an interesting new leveling experiment – The Ethical Alt. I have something of a soft spot for these kinds of leveling experiments, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens as he progresses!

For anyone wondering what the upcoming patch entails and confused about all the announced changes and what’s going on – Beru at Falling Leaves and Wings has a post breaking it down. It’s simple and no frills. Just the facts, ma’am!

This is a sketch. This is only a sketch. This has been a sketch of the emergency image for a blog post needed system. Had this been a real drawing...I probably would have coloured the bottom of her robe.

I am a big fan of the series Pewter at The ‘Mental Shaman has been writing about World of Warcraft fan art. This past week she tackled the representation of Troll women. I have to admit that I find myself thinking more carefully about what I draw and how I draw it since Pewter got me thinking about it. Well worth a read!

Shintar at Priest With A Cause is getting into the Cataclysm events. Now that’s what I call an invasion!

Linedan from Achtung Panzercow discovered new meaning in the Crusader Bridenbrad questline. Read about it in his post I Feel For The Guy, But… Even before this I knew Linedan and I would have to agree to disagree about Bridenbrad and his quest chain. I have always really enjoyed it and couldn’t quite say why.

Finally, I have a new guest post up at Sword and Board for people who like lowbie warrior tanking stuff. The posts there take me much longer to write generally – and Voss tries to include helpful information.

All of that ought to give you plenty to read while you’re having much-needed morning coffee!


Comments on: "Monday Linking Love" (2)

  1. I can’t see a female troll but help but think of two specific quest chains, one in Zangarmarsh (Swamprat Post) and one in Badlands.

    In the first one, the male troll is trying to win the affections of the female troll, so he sends you on some quests to gather stuff so he can use for his wooing.

    The female troll? She’s annoyed by the whole thing, since she’s here because she’s got a job to do, and she’d rather work on that than deal with a lovestruck troll.

    The second quest line is more touching, as a male troll asks you to check on his betrothed in the Burning Steppes, whose entire patrol disappeared. When you investigate, you eventually find his fiancee’s remains on an altar, where the Ogres sacrificed her. Her spirit implores you to return her nose ring to her beloved, and for him to move on with life.

    The male troll was understandably distraught at the conclusion of the quest chain, as they were due to be reassigned just after this last patrol.

    Okay, there’s a third troll I think of, and that’s a guildie who I’ve chatted with as part of the morning crowd several times. She and I have done the fishing dailies while waiting for the daily 5-man to queue up. (Just don’t tell my wife, ‘k? I’m not sure how she’d take me hanging out with a troll. 😉

  2. Thanks for the link! And I approve of trolls. 🙂

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