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Guide to Getting Withers

It sounds like some kind of crippling disease, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. The first place I went after the world shattered was Darkshore. I’d quested through here so many times on my various draenei and night elves. The changes the Cataclysm has wrought are devastating. Once I found out there was a pet associated with a quest in the zone, well – my path was clear. I had to have it. His name is Withers, and he’s similar to the Teldrassil Sproutling with a few key differences. Here’s how you can get one of your own, whether you are Horde or Alliance.



For Horde characters, Withers is actually a vendored pet. You can buy him from Apothecary Furrows. He’s located in the cave behind Cliffspring Falls (you can see it on the map). He’s down at the bottom of the cave in his own little room. Be aware that to Alliance he is hostile so he may have been killed recently if you don’t see him but you see apothecary stuff. Wait for him to respawn, he should be back.

This is the entrance to the cave. If you are uncertain how to get up here, look for the torches that line the path at the bottom.


For those of us who are Alliance, it’s a little more complicated. Withers is awarded from completing the quest “Remembrance of Auberdine,” but you can’t unlock that quest until you do many, many more. I made a map that outlines generally what I did. Keep in mind that it’s hard to tell exactly what was required. I suspect that the quests to the far south (marked on the map) were not required, but they are awesome quests and I recommend you do them regardless! If anyone does this and tries to proceed without first doing those quests at Eye of the Maelstrom, please let me know if you were able to get Withers regardless. *Edit: I had a helpful reader let me know – the quests at the Eye of the Vortex are definitely not required to open the Remembrance of Auberdine quest, so you can skip them over if your only goal is to get Withers.

Quest hubs are marked in blue.

You will begin by questing in Lor’danel. When I wrote this last night this wasn’t there, but a helpful person on Wowhead has listed precisely all of the required quests here. You can refer to that list as you proceed, or just take a more casual approach as you go!

Lor’danel is where the flight point from Darnassus goes now, so it’s easy enough to get here. Some of the quests don’t seem immediately related, but are. There’s a worgen who has a fishing quest that used to be offered by a dwarf – I doubt it’s necessary to get Withers, but if you do it you do get 250 Gilneas rep. Do the rescuing and provisions quests and continue on to the Buzzbox quests. Unlike the previous Buzzbox quests, they don’t take forever and lead you all over the map. This chain will have you wind up in the same cave that the Horde access just to buy Withers.

Another breadcrumb quest will lead you down to the Ruins of Auberdine and outside the ruins to do some quests relating to Grimclaw. Continue doing all of these quests (do the Auberdine ones while you are nearby) before completing them and heading back to Lor’danel. A hint: if you complete the Grimclaw quest chain first it will end up helping you throughout the rest of Darkshore. I don’t want to give away any spoilers except to say that I chose the stag – and it gives a 10% speed boost in the entire zone. Not “for an hour,” or “while you’re on this quest chain” – it gives you a speed boost anytime you are in Darkshore from then on. It was useful for the rest of my questing!

I don’t want to give away any more of the happenings in Darkshore. These quests are amazing, in some cases heart-wrenching and definitely hit home for me given how much I liked Darkshore. Don’t just rush through to get Withers, take your time and enjoy them. Ultimately your efforts to aid the citizens of Darkshore and uncover some mysteries will lead you to the Ruins of Mathystra where you will be challenging the Shatterspear trolls. When you’re at this point you’re near the end! Continue along with these quests and once you are finished with them, Cerrellean Whiteclaw will have the Remembrance of Auberdine quest for you, and one of the rewards is Withers.

I’ll probably be going through these quests again with my druid and hope to add some clarification about which quests are mandatory and which are not – but until then, this gives a rough guide of what’s necessary to get the little guy. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll answer them as best I can!

His name is Withers because he starts out HUGE – up to my hips as a draenei – and he will slowly shrink to “normal” non-combat pet size if he is away from water. Re summoning him returns him to his original large size, and if you take him near any body of water he will drink it and grow. More importantly than any of that, though, is that he’s a reminder of Auberdine for me. Every time I look at his sad little face, I’ll remember the Kaldorei of Auberdine and Lor’danel, trying to maintain an outpost in their dark and foreboding ancestral land.

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  1. I’ll have to check this out on a baby drood! Thanks for the info 🙂

  2. It must be mine!

  3. Thank you for the idea and the guide. It sounds like a perfect project to pick up as I come online next time. I logged out at Mist’s Edge!

    • Nice, you are just in the right place! I think I would have done the Darkshore quests anyway – so many memories here, and I found the quests very compelling – but it’s a nice bonus that they conclude with this reward. I hope you have fun and you’re most welcome! I know it’s not the most detailed guide but hopefully it will do.

  4. Just got it as Horde! Furrows doesn’t say anything explaining Withers or what he’s doing, unfortunately. But I guess as an Apothecary…in a room full of Uncorrupted animals…we can guess. >_>

  5. Ooh, thanks for sharing! I knew he was available to Alliance with a quest, but I had no idea I could buy him on my Horde main too! Now if only the EU servers would hurry up!

  6. I had totally forgotten about this!!! TY for the reminder, you made my week. 8)

    • You’re welcome, haha. Someone posted about the new pets on Twitter last night and so it was first on my list when I was logging in. I logged out last night right by the Plants vs Zombies quest-giver guy, don’t forget about those too!

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  10. Glad to know Cerellean is still alive and kicking. His vanilla quest, “For Love Eternal” was the last one I did the day before the patch.

  11. I got this pet today along with the other mini pets – the shrinking feature is funky. although I gotta say the singing sun flower is still my favourite of the four. =)

    Nice detailed writeup! (mine fell a bit short in comparison, hehe)

    • Well, I only wrote about how to get the one pet, you wrote about how to get them all! I logged in yesterday, started questing, got Withers, wrote this and then collapsed. 😉

  12. I MUST HAVE ONE!!!

    • Yes! Then you can take photos with him, too. (If you get a reply to this that’s talking about truffles, I had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. And there’s no reason why I might have written it!)

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  14. I started Withers a while back, and then something shiny happened: thank you for getting me back on track!

  15. …and I know what you mean by “old friends.”

    Thank you again.

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