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Winter Veil is coming, and you all know what that means! It is time for more cooking. Earlier this year we made Unconjured Cinnamon Bun Frost Cookies and Fiery Gromsblood Soup.

Now we’ll be conjuring up some delicious confectioneries. Well, you aren’t going to conjure them, you’re going to make them, but these are so easy that you’ll hardly know the difference! They are perfect for when you want a gift or treat that looks as if you spent a great deal of time to make it – but you really didn’t. (This is a mage recipe, after all. I see no reason for needless expenditure of effort). This recipe will make about twenty-four truffles.

Candy Cane White Chocolate Truffles

Here’s what you are going to need:

You won’t need this done until later, but you’ll thank me for telling you before you start! The first thing you have to do is crush your candy canes. This can be accomplished through various means; there are some shattering spells, frost spells that can do this. Sometimes the results can be disastrous, though. Please exercise extreme caution. If you do not have access to spells for this purpose, you will have to crush the canes manually. Put them into a bag.

Candy canes!

Make sure the bag is very secure. You can use a rolling pin or a meat mallet to gently tap the canes and break them apart, rolling over them as they get smaller. They should be finely crushed. Take care when asking for any assistance at this step that your kitchen assistant is not… overzealous. I speak from experience.

What in Velen’s name…

So. Now you have some finely crushed candy canes. If you’re fortunate, you don’t have candy cane shrapnel spread the length and breadth of your entire kitchen… If you’re unfortunate, find a warrior to clean up this ridiculous mess (then crush the replacement candy canes yourself). Take the candy cane bits and place them in a shallow dish.

Now you are ready to begin: put your chopped white chocolate in a bowl. Apply a little heat to the bottom…

Only a very LITTLE heat.

Oh. You can’t just cast a “hot hands,” spell? Well, you could… um, I don’t know…Find a mage to do it for you. (If you have access to a magic heat box microwave thing, microwave it for one minute). The chocolate should be almost but not quite melted! Stir it until it’s smooth, then set it aside to cool a little bit.

Take your Boulderslide Cheese (it should be softened, so let it get to room temperature first) and beat it thoroughly until it’s smooth. Add the chocolate and beat the two together until they’re smooth.

Add one cup of your Oshu’gun Crystal Powder to the mixture and blend it in. You can just let the spoon do this itself and go off to do other things.

Starting to make a dough.

Once that’s mixed, add the rest of the crystal powder and mix it some more. It should form a soft dough at this point and be fairly easy to manipulate. Use a spoon to scoop out consistent amounts of the dough, form them into balls and gently roll them in your candy cane powder! This works best if you do not take too long about it – the heat from your hands can make the dough a bit sticky, but that’s okay.

Set your truffles on a piece of parchment as you complete them and chill, with a spell or in the icebox. Once they’ve chilled you can put them in a container, but it’s best to keep them cool until you are ready to eat them.


They are delightful little morsels. Depending on the size of your candy canes and whether they are allowed to grow warm, sometimes the candy cane colour can run a bit. This will not affect their taste.

Mmm, truffles.

I hope you enjoy the truffles! We usually enjoy them so thoroughly that I make a double batch. You can use candy canes that have green, red and white if you like, or simply the red and white ones, it’s up to you!

Actual truffles.

I hadn’t made these this year myself until just last night, so now I have a photo of the real thing to add.

Comments on: "Candy Cane White Chocolate Truffles" (16)

  1. You know, it did say to use a hammer to break the canes. How was I to know that it would pulverize them… and the bag?

  2. This sounds like a wicked recipe! My son will love it šŸ™‚

  3. These sound amazing! Never thought to use candy canes in such a way… One question though, are your candy canes minty flavoured? Just checking because where I live I’m fairly sure you can only get minty ones šŸ™‚

    • They are really tasty. They’re quite sweet, I mean… it’s mostly sugar šŸ˜‰ so a little goes a long way. My candy canes are definitely minty-flavoured! Every year I see other different flavours in the stores (Cherry? Orange…?) but I think they would taste odd with anything other than mint. There is a recipe variation where they are just rolled in icing sugar but I don’t think that would be nearly as good (no crunch, no mint).

  4. ONE DAY, I will have a proper kitchen, and will make all of Millya’s pretty little recipes.

  5. You are a cruel woman. You know that?

    Now I’ve another recipe to try out.

    • I know, I’m a horrible chore. I come bearing sweets! They’re really easy to make, though! On a scale of 1-10, with one being “my dog could make this” and ten being “cinnamon bun cookies that have to be rolled in on themselves,” I’d say they’re about a three. I made them last night! I even have a real photo now, which failed to work in the actual comment.

      • Yeah, I know. They’re easy, and they’re deadly looking. I mentioned the recipe title and she said “Yum!”

        (So guess who gets to make them? The same dude who makes the Thanksgiving pies every year.)

      • Haha. Being in charge of desserts isn’t the worst gig in the world, Red! šŸ˜‰ I like them as sweets actually because they are so sweet that I don’t tend to eat many. Sorry for your troubles, I’ll aim for something savory for the next recipe then!

      • Heh.

        You might get some trackbacks, Vid. I’m planning on linking to this post from my regular blog.

  6. This is rubbing my sweet tooth the wrong way…must…turn…away…now…

    these little wonderballs look positively yummie!

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