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This + Comment = Profit?

You may have noticed that I like cooking things. I also love new recipes.

Through a strange turn of events involving a generous friend and a generous husband, I find myself with… one more moonkin hatchling than I actually need. (It’s too much cuteness for one person to contain. I don’t have a screenshot because durr I forgot to take one last night and the servers are down presently).

Regardless, I have a moonkin, and I’d like to give him to someone who will love him and squeeze him and call him George (or anything else, that’s fine too).

Where do you come into this? It’s a contest! It requires much less work than my previous contest.

If, like me, you enjoy baking – I’d love to have folks share a favourite holiday recipe. If you aren’t much of a baker, you can share instead your favourite memory of a holiday recipe or food, whatever that might be. So here’s what you do:

1) Leave a comment on this entry saying you’ll send a recipe.

(WoW-ified or not, it’s up to you), and then you can send an e-mail to puggingpally AT gmail DOT com with your recipe. Make sure your e-mail is clearly labeled with the name you commented under – if I’m confused about what recipe belongs to who I might not be able to match them up.


1b) Leave a comment on this entry telling us a memory/story/etc. about your favourite recipe.

Please note that by sharing the story or recipe you’re acknowledging that I have your permission to use it in an entry compiling them all.

I look forward to reading – I think it’s a grand time for some holiday cheer. You have just one whole day to enter; I’ll close entries at 10 AM Mountain time tomorrow, December 1st. (You can comment on the entry and you’ve “entered,” if it takes a bit more time to send me a recipe that’s fine too). I think that keeping it short and sweet is very thematic!


Comments on: "Ritual of Refreshment (Contest)" (20)

  1. Just to clarify, this will be US only? Not entirely sure how the codes work. πŸ™‚

    • I had to go and check this out; unfortunately since my code was purchased from the US store it will only work for a US account. HOWEVER. If you’d like enter anyway, and if your name is drawn I’ll just buy one from the EU store and give away two, darn it. Regional differences trying to thwart my contest fun.

  2. If only there was some kind of food for people who venture deep into the earth, that combines all sorts of necessary… Oh wait a tick! Entry post’d!

  3. I’m going to email you my family’s Christmas cookie recipe. It’s been in the family for at least 50 years. My mother remembers making them as a child. I have a photo of me covered in flour making them when I was 2. We made them for so long that eventually the original cookie cutters (which we still have) have become too frail to use. This was very upsetting until we recently found a site which was selling a brand new version of them πŸ™‚

  4. Hey! I love to cook too! I’m going to send you my Hot Chocolate Souffle recipe! It’s AMAZING. I’ll be doing homework and actual work today, so you will get the email tomorrow. I’m also now going to do a blog post on it, cuz now I want to make it! Thank you for helping me with my blog!

  5. I’m going to email you my favourite christmas pudding. I used to eat this with my family every christmas and it’s super fun and friendly πŸ˜€ Just a big bowl in the middle for everyone to tuck into…

  6. For as long as I can remember my dad has always baked sweet potato pies for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Everyone in my family loves’em and no one has been able to come close to making a sweet potato pie that rivals his. I’ve never tried to make one myself since he makes one especially for all his children that are out of the house. I can get the recipe for you though. Also I had the opportunity to try some of a pumpkin spice roll that my girlfriend’s aunt makes this time of the year. It’s the best ‘pumpkin’ anything I’ve ever tasted. I can try an get that as well

  7. I’m sending you a favorite Christmas recipe that my grandma used to make. Knowing that everybody loved these cookies, she even made them one year when we came to visit in June — which totally blew my seven-year-old mind. πŸ˜€

  8. I’m going to send over my recipe for “Ham ‘N’ Dillwiches”. Who doesn’t love oooey gooey cheesey goodness?

  9. Canada is sad that she cant submit. But great idea and great blog. Keep up the great work! *bacon toast*

  10. Oh noes, not more recipes….

  11. You better believe that you’ll be getting a recipe from me! I just need to figure out which one. There are so many!

  12. I’m not sure if my comment went though, I don’t see it and it didn’t say it was awaiting moderation, so just in case, I’ll say it again; I’ll be entering, so save a moonkin for me! πŸ˜›

  13. Decisions decisions. Grandama’s eggnog that tasted like gasoline? (equal bourbon to cream ratio), Breakfast Pizza? (So kids can eat and open presents at the same time) Mom’s p.i.t.a. to make Carrot Cake? I’ll mull it over and shoot you a recipe.

  14. While my family has never traditionally packed much for the holidays, I have an apple pie with cheese crust recipe I’ll share that had gone over well a couple times.

    We would, however, have a “hot snack” on Christmas morningβ€”a beef/sausage/cheese mixture on toasted rye that was always a favorite while sharing gifts.

  15. This isn’t an entry but a bit of a story. Back in high school my friend decided to have a potluck dinner party for our close friends so for some reason I decided to bake something. Unlike Vid here, I am not a prolific baker and really don’t have knowledge to rely or draw upon, yet somehow I decided to just wing it with no recipe and whatever we had on hand.

    That meant all manners of spices and sweet ingredients went into the pot, whatever I could get my hands on, and in completely random amounts. Flour? Eh, how about this much. Probably some salt? Maybe some sugar? Milk! That’s a good idea. How long did they get baked for? I dunno! Let’s just see what happens. It was ridiculous, in retrospect.

    The original plan was to make cookies. But the batter was too runny for a cookie sheet. So they turned into muffins/cupcakes!

    Amazingly, they were fine, tasty even. And no one died! Sadly I cannot share my recipe-less concoctions because I didn’t write anything down, and I no longer have my parents’ wealth of random baking ingredients on hand to try it again.

    • I have a Christmas-ey food story for you! I believe it’s a few minutes late, but that’s probably for the best.

      One Christmas, my aunt brought home her 2nd husband. We’d met him before… we came to the conclusion that despite being a generally attractive, good person, he was a bit of a consumerist prick. We always seemed to be looking at fact-sheets, pictures, or hearing stories about This New Shiny Thing he bought. This particular Christmas, it was a BMW convertible. The cup holders were refrigerated, among many other things.

      Anyways… on Christmas eve, I made a very large, very delicious fruit salad. It had everything in it, except the things that wouldn’t have tasted good. It also contained lots of yoghurt. So much, in fact, that the container said yoghurt came in was best described using the words “small bucket.” At some point I threw the bucket away, unaware of its cosmic significance.

      The next morning, we awoke to the smell of skunk. In accordance with Texas tradition, the whole family was roused for this joyous occasion. (It may have helped that my grandfather announced his intention to shoot it.) We found the skunk fairly quickly… it was roaming around the yard in front of the house. It had a yoghurt bucket stuck on its head, and it was obviously unhappy with life.

      Grandfather raised his shotgun to his shoulder and took aim. We waited with all the joy and tension of a Texas Christmas morning for the shot. For no apparent reason, so did my grandfather. Minutes passed, and the skunk continued to wander around the yard, blinded by his unfortunate foraging mishap. Eventually, he wandered over to the section of the yard that handles holiday overflow parking.

      Apparently, when you shoot a skunk, it enters some sort of terminator-style self-destruct mode, in which it tries to get Every Last Bit of skunk-stench out of its body before it dies. That Christmas, we had the good fortune of watching this happen all over a brand new BMW with refrigerated cup holders.

      When the howling laughter subsided, we went inside, ate the fruit salad, and opened presents.

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