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…I’m on a seahorse.

Voss and I were in line last night at 11:30 along with other hapless Canadians, shuffling in place and freezing our feet to the ground. It was actually not ridiculously cold – about 17 degrees Fahrenheit, for you US folks – which was cold enough by the time midnight hit! Fortunately this year (unlike the Wrath release) the game store folks let us wait in line inside. This was greatly appreciated by all.

I retrieved my Collector’s Edition (the only real reason to be standing in line instead of downloading it digitally) and then came home to get ready to play!

One of the things I love about a new expansion is that there are so many different possible approaches. For me, primary goal is to get Millya to 85. That is top priority. Other folks were rolling a worgen or a goblin or trying for a realm first with professions or other things. I know some folks had trouble logging in, for us it wasn’t bad and we were online at about 1:20 AM.

We started leveling through Vashj’ir initially and it was a mess. There were creatures and people everywhere – and the quests unfortunately (while interesting and fun) have a heavy focus on gathering or finding specific mobs or items. It was not a recipe for success. I stopped playing at 4:30, only a single bar away from level 81 but unable to push on.

Today we quested for a very short time before deciding to give Hyjal a try instead. As a leveling experience it’s much easier; it’s more linear and there are fewer gathering quests so far. I recommend it. Especially if you’re leveling with a partner or friend, the gathering quests in Vashj’ir are a killer and it’s easy to lose track of your buddy once you get this fellow:

Now look at your mount. Now back to me. I have a copy of that game you love! This is the mount your mount COULD be if you were questing in Vashj'ir. I'm on a seahorse.

Just for that, Vashj’ir was worth it. I have this reaction with some things in WoW – perhaps because others are difficult to attain or require a long grind… It’s like, “You’re going to give this to me? You’re just… you’ll just give it to me. Right here? …What’s the catch?”

I felt that way about Withers when I first got him. “They give you a pet!? Just for doing the quests? …But why?”

Not that I’m complaining.

My impressions of the expansion so far are immensely positive. I have professions to level, zones and quests to see, and I’m loving the new instances. I’ll try to keep posts fairly free of spoilers, but I can’t make any guarantees. I am loving the content and I want to talk about it!

What have you loved about Cataclysm so far (or not loved, if you prefer!). What was the first thing you did?


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  1. Once I got the Server Gods to let me in, I rolled my Worgen Druid, Josephine. Yes, it was nuts with Worgen noobies everywhere, but as I progressed through the quests, it got less and less problematic. I don’t know if it was the (admittedly patient, if steady) rate I was going through the quests or if people got sick of the crowds and lag or what, but I trucked along and by the time I logged out at level 10, there were generally only five or six people in the same area as me, as opposed to twenty or thirty. After that, I logged in on Lis, ran BRC with a guildie (and promptly PANICKED) and got her about a quarter of the way to 81. And then I slept for an hour before work. 😀

    (and then my car wouldn’t start and I missed the bus and had two hours to kill so I rolled a Goblin on my main Hordie server.)

  2. Oh, I love that seahorse mount, too! It’s so beautiful and *fast.*

    Great caption, btw. 🙂

  3. Soon as midnight PST rolled around, and I could get in (which shockingly wasn’t very difficult), I ran around on my priest turning in all the quests I had saved up. It seemed to take the XP awhile to start up, so my first 2 or 3 quest turn in’s got me guild rep, but no XP. But after that, it was all good and I got about 28% through the level before logging because by that time it was late and I had work in the morning. 😦

    Tonight, I actually got some quality time in game, so I logged on Endy, turned in *her* quests and logged her out in SW after buying Azeroth flying so she can start getting rested XP. Then back to the priest, who I had decided would try out Vashj’ir. I typically dislike maneuvering underwater and my spacial awareness is somewhat crappy, so I was apprehensive about the zone, but it turns out my fears were all for naught. I got her to 81 and I’m pretty happy about that. So far, so good. I LOVE the zone, I LOVE my seahorse and getting XP for herbing rocks on toast.

  4. Gathering AND water. Oh God, no.

    I went straight to Hyjal, allergic to having to think in more than 2 dimensions 😛

    Seahorse does look gorgeous though.

    But actually I didn’t get into WoW until late evening anyway….

    • I’m normally allergic to anything that involves swimming, floating, flying and requires spacial awareness too, Tam. I’ve always hated Malygos for that reason. The Dreamwalker portals used to give me fits too. But srsly, Vashj’ir isn’t that bad. There are some issues with finding people, because you’re right AT their dot, gosh darn, where are they? Right above you! *sigh* But overall, I have enjoyed the zone much more than I thought I would. They must’ve changed something about underwater swimming, because I don’t get near as disoriented as I used to.

  5. I had the same reaction to the seahorse, haha. I went from “UGH another item to clog my bags that I’ll have to keybind because I’ll be using it all the time. Wait did I just learn it? IT’S AN ACTUAL MOUNT?! :O”

    I LOVED Vashj’ir. Beautiful and deliciously haunting music. And once I got out of the first 1.5 zones the crowds thinned greatly. As frustrating as competing with hundreds of players was, I couldn’t help but be amused and in awe of the experience. Such unity! Everyone was so excited and eager to just be playing and swimming around. 😀

  6. Being Canadian also although release for me would have been 3 am in the morning so I got the digital, (I may get the collectors if they drop in price for my second account if I start using it again) but really 17 F / -18 C is not that bad really. Think of those in London Ontario that got 1 meter of snow Monday.

    Northrend looked like too much like Canada even the Tarsands area.


  7. I absolutely loved Vashj’ir. Granted, I am somewhat a Lady Vashj fanboi of old, and seeing all the Battlemaiden quests didn’t exactly lessen that.

    But entering the Throne of the Tides after having completed the entire zone… THAT was an experience Loken could only dream of.

  8. Since it launched at 3am my time I just logged in hit the trainers and flew around SW city and then went to bed.

    On the bright side the crowd in Vash’jir wasn’t skinning much so I managed to scavenge enough leather with 4 skinners to have my LW up to 410 in no time (and have 4 525 skinners in only 3.5 hours). Sold the greens I made for about 90g each. Hit 85 in 5 days. I’m level capped and I have money to spare. Life in WoW is good.

  9. I’ve loved everything!

    I didn’t get the expansion until a week after release so the starting zones were luckily much less busy than I’m sure they were on the 7th.

    My favorite things have been exploring Uldum (haven’t even done the quests, just love the look of the place), and seeing all the new dungeons.

    Cataclysm has taught me that I suck at being on a boat. I’ve messed up two quest chains/cinematics because I’ve jumped off/fell out of boats and submarines. /facepalm

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