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Tuesday Art Day: Mishaweha

It seems I took part in quite a few gift exchanges this year; the Blog Azeroth Secret Santa, but also an art exchange on Twitter! The art exchange was especially fun because we found out a month in advance who we’d be drawing for. Here is the piece I did for Mishaweha. You can see all of the art that was done for the exchange here. Thanks again to Loreli who organized the event, I had quite a bit of fun with it.

I think the background took longer than the actual character!

This is Mishaweha, clearly, Tauren shaman (restoration, I believe). She wears goggles. I’ll quite likely use the art I received of Millya in a post at a later date!


Comments on: "Tuesday Art Day: Mishaweha" (3)

  1. For the Horde!

    Oh, um…. Nice work, Vid!

  2. Oh sweet triceratops on a bicycle. Tauren, goggles, shamanism, vegatation. You really are trying to snuff out my lifeforce with sheer awesome, aren’t you? All da buttons!

    Seriously though, that’s among the prettiest tauren femmes I’ve ever seen, and I LOVE the overall feel of the pic!

  3. I’m a little late to the party but… hey look! It’s me! 😀

    I absolutely love this, Vid! Love! It is totally awesome! (And I’m super glad other people find it awesome too. FOR THE HORDE!)

    And not only does Misha look totally awesome, I love the totems (so cute! And they be the good ones for the healings too!) AND the background.

    I’d gush some more, but it’s a little late for me and I fear I might ramble too much. (Too late >.> )

    Thanks again!

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