Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

I feel both guilty and gleeful about the look on the fish's face. The answers to the question, "What does a dwarf feed her gryphon?" were pretty awesome, incidentally, and ranged from "dead orc heads" to...well, fish. You're probably happy I chose the former.

I know that art day posts are a bit boring (what do you say about them?) so I’m combining two time-honored traditions, art day AND link love. I’ve had some links stored away in my file for several weeks now, so it’s time to get caught up! This was a sketch that strong-armed its way into becoming a semi-paint, it’s still a bit rough but for a warm-up sketch, I’m happy with it! (That’s two and a half hours of warming up, by the way).

Without further ado, link love!

Cynwise wrote a great post about warlock CC, if you’re into that kind of thing, but many of the tips and macros could be re purposed easily to apply to mages or most any other class. It’s a good read!

In a similar vein, Ophelie over at The Bossy Pally wrote about all the types of CC there are. I suppose some people feel now that CC is no longer necessary in heroics and everything has become an AoE zerg-fest, but for many of the tougher pulls we’re still CCing. It doesn’t take long and it makes life easier for everyone!

I enjoyed Spinks’ short post about the Women of Cataclysm. I’m always happy to see stronger female characters taking a place in WoW! I would hasten to add there are some great Wildhammer characters there too (have you done the quest with the gryphon rider in Deepholm? I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say she is tough as nails).

Perhaps you’re back into raiding again, but do you know how your raiders learn new encounters? Kae wrote about this a few weeks ago and I thought it was an interesting read. I’m visual and tactile myself, which means the videos don’t generally work well for me (and the talking in them mostly annoys me). A good diagram and some hands-on experience helps me more than anything.

Finally, this post is old but I happened across it when the topic came up for us the other night. Anexxia’s post The Changing Face of Spirit talks about how the stat fits into Cataclysm gear. Have you decided what your raid is doing about gear with +spirit? It’s something to consider before you are caught unprepared!


Comments on: "Tuesday Art Day: Wildhammer and Link Love" (7)

  1. The story of Fanny Thundermar and the ‘rescue’ quest made me wanna drop to one knee right then and there.

    Then Mrs. Grimmtooth whacked meh head with a stein, so I changed me mind.

  2. Glad you liked the post!

    I love this picture, LOVE IT. It makes me want to roll a Wildhammer dwarf (warlock, shaman, I can’t decide) – if only I could get the facial markings in game.

  3. The answers to the question, “What does a dwarf feed her gryphon?” were pretty awesome, incidentally, and ranged from “dead orc heads” to…well, fish.

    Well, that explains why the wild gryphons are red for Horde, but green for Alliance. 😉

  4. This dwarf piece turned out so well! You should draw them more often! 😀 Also, I now see the detail of the “always staring, always watching” fish eye, haha. And YES I am glad you decided not to go with the other food source! >:|

  5. I’m always delighted to see “Tuesday Art Day” show up! Your art posts are much more interesting than mine. 😀

    Your Wildhammer shaman is adorable. I love the tattoos and the wee gryphon hatchling stalking her boot.

  6. BEITRIIIIIIIX! *cuddles her and her Gryphons*

  7. While this comment is way late, old news etc, I am going to have to do a mandatory protest here; Art day is NOT boring, and christ on a pogo stick, favorite subject matter ever, love the pic!

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