Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

Make that an Art Friday, I suppose. Here are some mini-sketches I’ve done since yesterday for people. I imposed a strict five-minute time limit on them.

Things I have learned:

  • Five minutes isn’t very much time, and
  • there are many awesome folks who read here.

Thank you for all your kind wishes and words, even if you were one of the folks trying not to seem demanding and so deliberately not leaving an armory link.

In no particular order – if you see a character that looks like yours, it’ll have the name written on it if you need to be sure. Have a great weekend, folks!

Comments on: "Some Mini-Sketches To Finish The Week" (26)

  1. I think Quintalan is sobbing somewhere into his Dalaran White.

    Nice drawings, Vid!

    • Haha. You had to know Red, that by leaving it open-ended you were inviting disaster.

      I even pulled up Quint’s armory, then pulled up Tom’s and thought, “…nah!” 😉

      • I should have known.

        On the bright side, I guess I should be glad you didn’t pick Neve instead, otherwise I’d have a real ‘main’ problem. 😉

  2. *squee* These are so cute! (and OMG MATTIE! It’s PERFECT! Just the right mix of cute and mischievous.)

  3. Cool! They all look awesome!

    I see you have many Draenei readers – they’re in the lead!

    • …You know what’s funny, I actually did one for you and I only realized after you commented that um… I hadn’t saved it to a file because of scanning annoyances. It’ll be in the next batch then. 😀

  4. They really do all look great! Thanks, Vid!

  5. You’re very talented — you did each of these in 5 minutes! They look great!

    • Thanks, Lizzia! It can be freeing to just limit yourself to a certain amount of time and work as fast as you can – Of course it’s not the same quality or effort put into “real” drawings and paintings but they are fun. 😀


    I’m no worthy, but THANKS. That’s amazing!

    Seriously, totally, made my evening.

  7. These are awesome Vid! Love the portrait of Morgion. They’re all great though. 😀

  8. Oh, wow, it’s like a Manalicious coloring book! I want to print them all out and have at them with my crayons and colored pencils!

    Or maybe I should just take mine and use it to practice coloring in Photoshop…. Thanks, Vid, you’re the bestest 😀

    **sounds of squeeing trail off into the distance as Kaelinda runs off with her portrait**

  9. They came out so well! I really love your style of drawing, and I’m so impressed with how much you can do in only five minutes a sketch!

    And, now that it’s safe, happy anniversary. It’s been such a privilege to get to know you. 🙂 ❤

  10. There are no words for how awesome these are – 100% win XD

  11. Lok’tar ogar, friend!

    Amazing drawings, especially for spending only five minutes on them.

    If I were to make another request, it would be my Orc eating a kitten…

    (Just kidding!)

    Would you be bothered or end up suing me if I used your drawing as my wordpress avatar?

  12. Oh, it’s just lovely! If my blogroll was a tad shorter I’d be tempted to switch out the links for your clickable portrays. Somehow they make the blogpshere come alive- you’re reminded of the people behind the blogs.

  13. Well, even in 5 minutes they’re awesome! Shame I missed it, might have butted my head in for one otherwise. It does remind me I need to check my reader once in a while, really started slacking on that. Thanks ❤

  14. Ah pretty!!! Could you make me a signature for my draeni Pally her name is Katinar (elven for kitten twilight) I would just love to have some art like a signature from your great artistic skills. I such loved this sketches and the watercolor drawing you did of your draeni that you have Devian Art 😀

  15. These are just so awesome. Thank you! *Squee*

  16. Gutted I missed out on this! My compy’s been on the fritz, bah!

    But all the same, love seeing what talented artists can do when limited by time in such an extreme manner. Dino tam made me grin like a ‘tard.

  17. […] of in-game characters to say thank-you to a limited number of her readers and commenters.  Well, she did an amazing job!  And yours truly managed to get some sketch-love.  While my mage is my long-time […]

  18. […] night she posted a bunch of these sketches, and to my delight, my shaman was among […]

  19. Oh these look absolutely awesome 🙂 Nice work!

  20. I wish I had your talent! I love your style. Larisa looks so cute!

  21. […] back in 2011, Millya of Manalicious* was doing 5-minute sketch portraits (batch 1, batch 2) for her friends, and I requested a portrait of Kaelinda**, thinking that I might use it […]

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