Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

You might remember on my anniversary post I was giving away freebies, of sorts. Here are some that didn’t make it into the first batch or that I’ve finished since! If you requested one and I’ve missed you, maybe you could call my attention to it? I had folks who wanted one but didn’t share an armory link and I’ve gotten a bit confused keeping the comments all straight.

Anyway, mini-sketches, 5-minutes each, you know the drill.

In somewhat related news, you can see the gentlemanly murloc I did for Zelmaru over at Murloc Parliament and check out her snazzy new layout while you’re at it!

Rades and Beru each wrote posts that were tear-jerkers for different reasons – Beru’s a moving story of success, Rades’ a lament for a lost friend.

Also, my friend Liala featured me in her comic, Disciplinary Action – after I complained that there was a serious lack of draenei representation. She set out to teach me that the cliche is true – you really do have to be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

There’s no patch tomorrow, unfortunately. I’ve never anticipated a patch quite so eagerly – I really want those new meta gems. How about you, are you looking forward to the patch for any reason or wish it wouldn’t come? Voss observed cheerfully, “Well, that just means I get another week of being OP!” He has a way of looking on the bright side.

Comments on: "Tuesday Art Day: More Mini-Sketches" (15)

  1. Be careful of what you wish for, indeed.

    Liala FTW!

    (BTW, I ‘borrowed’ Tomakan for inclusion in the ‘About me’ section of our site. Thanks again!)

  2. Hahaha… I was wondering what had prompted the random draenei slaying.

  3. Nice pics! I’m always impressed with these.

    Besides, I have something far better than an armoury pic 🙂

  4. Great sketches like always! I’m rather neutral about the patch – Howling Blast is stupid-OP right now so I’ll be sad to lose it, but there’s a lot of nice non-DK changes coming (like META GEMS) so I’m content either way.

    Also, mentioning Liala’s DA made me snicker all over again. “Noooooooo!”

  5. Does there really have to be a *reason* for a random draenei slaying…? 😀

    Thanks for the shout-out, and absolutely great work as always! I love those quick sketches.

  6. Looks great 🙂

    Can’t believe I missed your anniversary either – I usually try to catch them all.. if I haven’t said so yet Happy Anniversary (because late is better than never? 😉 )

  7. Amazing as always! Thanks for the drawing!

    And once again congrats on the blogaversary!

  8. Thank you very much!

    And as much as it shames me to say it, that random Draenei slaying made me laugh… 😉

  9. Whoo! It’s Likal! ❤ Ponytail. Thanks!

    And nice links, too! I've read them all. Very interesting reads.

  10. *__* I can’t believe you did make a sketch of my Darah!
    Or rather, I can because I see it and because it’s further proof of your undeniable kindness. 😀

    I’m so happy. ❤ Thank you very, very much! ((^O^))

    I've been wanting to ask you for a commission from some time now, but I want to wait until Darah has the right gear for what I have in mind. 😉

    • You’re most welcome! I’m only sorry I couldn’t see her face – the armory lacks the options it used to, and I couldn’t find the EU armory on my phone the way I can the US one. 🙂

  11. […] to comment, asking for a sketch of Likal, my Night Elf. Here’s the sketch Vidyala did (you can also see it in her sketch post): Likal by Vidyala – 5 minute […]

  12. […] back in 2011, Millya of Manalicious* was doing 5-minute sketch portraits (batch 1, batch 2) for her friends, and I requested a portrait of Kaelinda**, thinking that I might use it for […]

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