Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

I have a bit of a twist for art day this week with some Sculpey I was playing around with months and months ago. I took the photos and just never posted it!

"What about THE FANGS?" That's from an Ellen stand-up routine. +10 geek points if you have any idea what I'm talking about!

This is a small Millya, she sits on my desk and keeps me company during raids.

I may sculpt these things just as an excuse to make little hooves.

She is right next to mini-Vidyala, once posted on Pugging Pally but I don’t think I’ve used it here. I wanted to try using coloured Sculpey instead of the all-one-colour kind because my results with painting that stuff before hadn’t worked out very well. Painting three-dimensional things is not my strong suit. I also burnt mini-Vid’s horns, something I managed to avoid with the coloured Sculpey.

And neck tentacles, those are fun to make too.

Finally, I used to get really fun and weird search terms, but almost all of my search terms now tend to be practical ones (looking for a mage gear guide, heroic guides, etc.) Here are three I feel I can actually answer from the last week or so.

What spec should a mage be when running heroics in cataclysm?

There’s no specific spec you should be, really. Play a spec that you enjoy. I haven’t played Arcane at all in Cata but it is a very strong, single target burst spec that will serve you well for single-targeting down anything in packs. I personally run as fire in heroics (as I do in raids) because extreme familiarity with a spec is generally beneficial when you move from five to ten or twenty-five or whatever. If you have muscle memory for what to do on a boss in a five man, you probably will also know what to do when the boss is bigger (and has more loot).

Fire carries some inherent risks because Living Bomb can potentially explode and break CC, so watch what you’re doing there. Truthfully, in all the guild heroics we do we’re doing a lot of AoE now and so Fire is awesome for that. I wouldn’t assume that is the case with any pugs, though. Flame Orb has also been changed to not break Polymorph any more (but it will still break other CC effects). Frost is a solid choice for heroics as well, you get quite a bit of passive damage mitigation and it also has incredible burst. On any given boss fight if I’m running with my fellow mage (he plays Frost) he starts out ridiculously ahead of me (damn you, Deep Freeze!) but it usually evens out after my ramp-up time. Actually, he still beats me – he’s very good.

your thoughts on scorch weaving as a fire mage

It was very necessary at lower gear levels, and is starting to be less necessary (especially with additional upcoming changes in 4.0.6). You can see this section about mana management at EJ for more details. Ideally you are managing your top DPS rotation to coincide with Molten Fury at a minimum, or any other burn phases (Magmaw’s exposed pincers, etc.) I have found that since my gear has improved – and taking into account necessary movement components of a fight where I will be scorching in any case – I don’t run OOM anymore and can maintain a straight-up Fireball rotation for most of the time. How much scorch weaving you are obliged to do is going to depend on your gear level, your mana, and how long the fight is going on (average DPS of your raid).

why are mages so bad in cataclysm

I’m sorry, it’s not us – it’s you. We are awesome, as usual.

Have a great day, everyone!

Comments on: "Tuesday Art Day: Third Dimension" (16)

  1. On any given boss fight if Iā€™m running with my fellow mage (he plays Frost) he starts out ridiculously ahead of me (damn you, Deep Freeze!)

    You know, there are buttons I rarely push when I play Neve because I just know that I’ll push the envelope with threat, and Deep Freeze is one of them. Maybe things will be different in the Cata instances, but by the time that I’m confident that I won’t pull threat on a boss and start amping up my attacks, said boss’ health is already 1/3 gone. But then again, maybe that’s just BC and Wrath bosses.

    One thing that I have been puzzling over, however, is that when I selected the talent for Frostfire Orb (converting the Flame Orb to Frostfire) I kind of expected the spell to look different. But it’s still just same old Flame Orb. Still a nice little spell, tho.

    • Really, Red? It SHOULD look different. It makes it sort of blue/orange! I have seen it in my frost spec and also I see it all the time when Fsob casts it – I often see fire and frostfire orb side by side. How strange!

      And Deep Freeze should become more manageable for you, I think, as there is a nerf incoming for it in the patch. Well, they’re nerfing it but spreading the damage around apparently so it shouldn’t be an overall DPS nerf but just taking some of the punch out of the “I’m In Ur Instance, Stealin’ Ur Threat” ability!

      • Really, Red? It SHOULD look different. It makes it sort of blue/orange!

        Yeah, I know. That’s what bothers me; Frostfire is definitely different, so I don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe I ought to open a ticket about this little phenomenon to see if maybe a flag got screwed up.

  2. Oh, and I did I mention that for someone who shrugs off her modeling ability, you’ve still got a lot of talent? Millya is awesome! (And yeah, I’m pretty sure I said that already for Vid. šŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Red, you’re too kind. It’s a fun thing I like to do on occasion and watch TV at the same time. I did pick up some modeling tools after doing the Vid one and found they helped immensely. I tend to like them better in person – photographs seem to reveal the flaws I didn’t see before (small irregularities in the surface, etc) and things that aren’t really noticeable on something that’s only 3-4 inches tall!

      • Vid, people have irregularities, so it feels more realistic that way.

        (Hmm…. That didn’t come out the way I meant it. Let’s try that again.)

        People’s left and right sides are very rarely mirror images, so irregularities are expected.

  3. I don’t play a mage but those little sculptures are SOOO adorable!! You are very talented!

  4. Heheee, that mini-Vid is awesome šŸ˜€

  5. My little fire mage is now 75 and I work on her when I can. When the patch before cata hit with new talents, I tried fire and ws HOOKED. Dragonbreath is so much fun and pyro procs too. I guess I like the spec mostly cause in real life I am a bit of a pyro about campfires/fireplaces šŸ˜€

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  7. How appropriate to post these now — she’s wearing a Lunar Festival dress šŸ˜€ I love her curls!

    One of my family’s activities over the holidays this year was a Sculpey play day. We used white Sculpey and painted it later because we didn’t decide until the day of what the theme for everyone’s sculptures should be. It’d be fun to play with colored Sculpey if I had some idea ahead of time what I wanted to sculpt, so that I could get the right colors. Your faces are cute — mine turned out a little scary looking.

    • Haha that is a good point, I hadn’t even thought of that! That sounds like a fun day with your family! I actually ended up getting one of the “sample packs” of colours so I’d have a little bit of many to play with. It’s tough to get the faces right especially with the colours – I keep sort of hollowing out a place for the eyeball and then stuffing it in, but it can end up looking a bit bug-eyed.

  8. Oh wow, how absolutely incredible!

    You are just a wonderful artist, no matter what the medium you use. The watercolors the other day were great, but this is stunning!

    You’ve got more talent in your pinky than i’ve got in my whole butt. And let me tell you, that’s a big butt.

  9. Awww those are so cute! I love the detail on the horns.
    Also, deep freeze isn’t damnable, for it is a snowcone of deliciousness.

  10. Wow, you are *really* talented when it comes to sculpting! :O They seems commercially made SD figures of the kind they do for anime and for manga in Japan.
    Sculpting is the only art I can do a tiny bit; I so wish I had your skills!! Then I could make mini-Darah and mini-Thrall and make them sit together on my desk while I play. XD

    About mage specs, one of my alt is a mage that’s always been Frost for leveling but would like to try Arcane (since Belves like to play with arcane energies after all ;p), but according to State of DPS they’re 3rd in mages rank, under Fire by 6k and under Frost by 3k… they’re even under the always complaining Retri pally! ;p
    It could be that Fire is just the spec that experienced mages are used to go by during raids though…

  11. […] remember who suggested me because they had seen the figurines I have done before. (See: Shaedre, Millya). For many reasons this was a much more complicated project than those – they had to be […]

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