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Hello, Paladins.

Hello, Paladins.
Look at your guild tag,
Now back to me.
Now back at your guild tag,
Now back to me.
Sadly, it isn’t the same as mine.

<Business Time>

But it could be if you were ready to put on business socks and apply to mine.
Look down, back up!
Where are you? You’re in a raid instance with the guild your guild could be.
What’s in your hand? Back at me. I have it!
It’s a calendar with an invite to the raid you love.
Look again, the invite is now spellpower plate we’ve been disenchanting.

Anything is possible when your guild wears business socks. (I’m on a pally horse).

Sadly, I forgot to take a better horse screenshot before my horse became an Elekk. (See how easily things become other things around here?)

More plainly, you’ve all heard about my guild. We’re a guild that’s been strict ten since ages ago (April 2009). We’re almost two years old now! We finished out Wrath by achieving Bane of the Fallen King after getting our Frostbrood drakes back on June 1st. We’re currently 10/12 with available content (Al’akir, Nefarian remaining) and will be heading into heroic modes over the coming weeks. We are based on Moonrunner US (PvE, PST) and we raid Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6-9 PM PST.

In a nutshell, we are a tight-knit, small group of adults dedicated to progression raiding on a schedule that actually works with people’s lives. Our members have jobs and other things they are doing, so we pull at start time and not a moment later (or else Voss’ head explodes). When we raid we’re serious about it (I’m really trying hard to avoid making another Flight of the Conchords joke here, so just bear with me). Thanks to incredible stability and very low member turnover, our roster is almost the same now as it was a year ago – no mean feat, I think! The commitment of our members is itself a testamony – BT folks tend to stick around, and we like it that way. We don’t have roster openings very often.

Unfortunately, real life stuff (happy real life stuff such as getting engaged and moving!) is going to be claiming our holy priest in the next while and we’re going to need another dedicated healer (a solid off-spec wouldn’t hurt, either, but we’re primarily looking for a holy paladin.) I’m hoping that since my original blog seemed to attract many awesome holy paladins interested in watching the noob flounder cheering me on, that perhaps some of you still read and might be looking for a great guild. Our current healing roster has two restoration druids, a restoration shaman and a holy priest – so we’ve got no paladin in this role at all. We think a paladin would be just perfect (although if we don’t have luck finding one we might consider a different healing class).

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here, on our website, or you could drop me a line via Twitter or my e-mail (puggingpally AT gmail DOT com). And if you aren’t looking for a guild but you have a friend who might be, please consider spreading the word! I appreciate any mentions or links immensely.

Comments on: "Hello, Paladins." (26)

  1. Noodlestein said:

    I’ll give tacos if they’re a female dwarf paladin with pigtails


  2. Business Time ROCKS! If I wasn’t already in an awesome 10man raiding guild on Moonrunner then this is where I would be.

    Best of luck in the recruiting madness, I think we may have lucked out again in our recent search.

  3. I love this post! Sadly, I’m not a paladin but just wanted to give this a thumbs up!

  4. Forreststump said:

    +1 for awesome recruitment post! ‘Eff that… +5.

    For tacos, I’d strongly consider rerolling… or faction-changing a level 80 paladin.

    • Ullariend said:

      Unfortunately, he lies. The guild has been promised tacos on several occaisons, and none have arrived.

      Also, Shut up Noodle, before you scare away recruits with threats of sexual harassment. They aren’t supposed to know what will happen to them until after they pay for a server transfer

  5. *contemplates logging on and speed leveling the level 1 paladin she created months ago to stalk Vid before she chickened out cause she thought it would be too wierd*

  6. Wait…. How’d that noble Blood Elf sneak in there?

  7. i just wanted to comment that the [potentially retiring] priest being referred to is more Saturday Night Fever than Ben Hur. A little more Bee Gees than Amy Grant.
    (tho looked like Amy Grant for a period of time; definitely a Travolta/Tony Mareno twin now)


    • Bee Gees?

      Amy Grant?

      Saturday Night Fever?


      If you lived through the 70’s once, you don’t want it back again….

      • I was alluding to the fact I’m of the disco priest persuasion (not holy), but now that you mention it, i am the oldest member in the guild and lived thru the 70s

  8. GOOD LUCK! 😀

  9. I’m already so happy with the group I’m raiding with right now, but good luck in your search! I think you’ll have a ton of people knocking on your door in no time.

    PS. Love the ad! 🙂

  10. Yay! Good luck! 😀

    I don’t envy you wading through 10^8 applications you’re going to get! 😉

  11. She forgot to mention… we give new members a sweet signing bonus.

    (side effects of joining Business Time may include irritating noises, obsessive-compulsive hand-raising, and the uncontrollable desire to mute your in-game sound effects.)

  12. Hehe good effort. and while we’re always recruiting ourselves on and off, I cannot for the life of me remember one time where we were short on paladins (or priests). that seems rare to be a rare issue!

  13. nice recruitment ad! Definitely a memorable one!

  14. Forreststump said:

    *scans BT Apps folder*

    Not a single app? I’m just stunned…

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