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I have to thank Runzwithfire for the idea of making a flowchart – although I hear he’s more Runzwithfrost these days. I didn’t want to make a frost chart, so I made a fire one instead.

Read this with a few caveats.

  1. This is primarily for single target fights. The chart does mention adds in a roundabout way, but they are not prioritized. This changes for special cases, e.g. Halfus Wyrmbreaker’s heroic mode. Because of the debuff on Halfus and the nature of Impact procs as well as the need to DPS the whelps, Impact becomes much more important in this fight. But for the majority of boss fights, this is what you’ll do.
  2. I’ve never made a flowchart before so it may not work in a perfect loop. When in doubt, cast Fireball, and never stop casting something.
  3. The initial “rotation” works because it’s stuff you can do as you are moving into position. Scorch on the move, put up LB, summon your orb and your mirrors and then go to town. Always keep as many dots as possible. Never cast Combustion without Ignite. If you’ve been very unlucky with hot streak you may cast it without Pyroblast, but never without all your other buffs!
  4. I assume any on-use trinkets will be used along with your main nuke. It’s beneficial to refresh DoTs when a trinket procs to give you more Int/Spellpower but that’s beyond the scope of a flow chart.
  5. Combustion Helper is an excellent addon for fire specs to easily manage all those DoTs, I highly recommend it.

It burrrrns us.

So there you have it, my first flow chart! Thanks to Voss for help with Visio thing (ridiculously easy to use). They’re fun! It got a little bit silly at the end there.

Comments on: "Kill It With Fire: A Pyromaniacal Mage Flowchart" (16)

  1. This… is… awesome!!

    Now, all we need is a Frost version….

    • And somebody has Visio!

    • Just click through the link to Runzwithfire’s blog – he did one today too! Great minds. πŸ˜‰ Actually it was his idea first, and I hope he doesn’t mind that I borrowed it!

      • are you kidding Vid? It looks fantastic and I’m glad I inspired you with my insane ramblings about tea and smokes to create something that’s not only really well thought out and massively useable but also just looks so great.

        *looks at Frost Flowchart*

        Dammit, I need to go buy visio πŸ˜›

  2. Shiny!

    Making my offspec fire tomorrow. >_>

  3. Holy moley, that looks so awesome πŸ™‚

    See flowcharts can be fun lol, and I have to thank you and Jed for prompting me to actually do a Frost one. I’ve got two more to do for Frost (bosses and AoE; AoE will be easy).

  4. I like it, for a first start. Here are a couple suggestions on ways to improve it:

    – Start off with “Do you need to move into position?” If not, then I find a hard-cast Pyroblast timed with the tank’s countdown is a good move. Otherwise, your opening looks fine.

    – You’re right that it doesn’t quite loop around – right now it branches at Pyroblast. I think you could fix that by setting up a main loop with all the questions you ask: Hot Streak up? LB up? Ignite up? Crit Mass up? You have to move? Winning at threat? Impact proc’d? and then at the end, cast fireball and go back to the top.

    – Getting a strong Combustion out can really make a difference on your dps for a fight, and most of that is based on getting a very high Ignite ticking. Some people have been suggesting not to cast Flame Orb until you have Combustion going because sometimes Flame Orb will wipe out your Ignite tick before you can get Combustion activated. So I’ve been holding off on Flame Orb on the initial pull until I get Combustion ticking.

    Overall a useful resource and I wish I had had it before I began learning all this stuff!

  5. I wanna play “Name the Chump”

    A. Noodle
    B. All of the above

    Really tho, nice job Vid.

    Since you’re good with visio, lets go ahead and make a mage project plan complete with a gantt chart, work break down structue, level 1 and level 2 milestones and resources estimates and task estimate to completes.

  6. Noodlestein said:

    It’s not my fault my aoe is OP!

    Also, I’m kind of tempted to do one of these for Survival for shits and giggles :3

  7. ladyerinia said:

    Oh that’s amazing. I’m linking this chart to the mage forums for my guild!

  8. I, for one, appreciate that there’s a box which asks you if you’re winning at threat.

  9. orb crits will put small ignites and can screw with ingnite munching and combustion
    even i 4.1 – its just dot crits removed – fire orb is direct damage

    fire or is probably best save for AFTER you use the first combustion

  10. Actuallty, pre-casting Pyroblast (Not Pyroblast! the proc.) is better than to start with scorch, as you still get the 5% crit debuff on mob, and you can get lucky and get a crit, which means early combustion, meaning you can probably use it again before the end.
    Only thing to watch with this, is to time it perfectly so you don’t put Living Bomb up before Pyroblast has hit (Due to travel time.).

    This should result in a theoretical dps gain, however minor it may be.

  11. OK, so she’s only level 13, but as soon as I read this I ran right home and re-specced my budding frost mage over to fire (frost-easy-button-leveling be damned).

    Also, “Is Iceblock on CD?”


    *dies from the lolling*

  12. […] Fire priorities, as I understand them: (flowchart) […]

  13. […] Nor will I link to Runzwithfire with his Frost rotation flow charts (definitely not his AoE flow chart because that may leave you with a coffee spat keyboard) or Vidyala and her Fire rotation flow chart. […]

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