Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

I can’t resist a gnome pun!

I'm not actually sure if troll blood is red.

This was a watercolour, post-card sized image commissioned by Jed for his wife. I had to keep it under my hat until he’d actually given the gift, lest I spoil the surprise! He talks about it here, but I realized I’d never put it up on my own blog. I felt quite gleefully that such retribution was called for after Liala at Disciplinary Action made this comic. I may or may not have linked it before, I can’t remember, and I’m not still bitter really except this is what happens when you kill my people. Small, gnomish death rays.


Comments on: "Tuesday Art Day: Gnomercy" (11)

  1. When in doubt…send in the gnomish death rays! It was a huge hit and completely shocked my lady love. =D

  2. Of course, there’s no “kill 1000 trolls” or “kill 1000 orcs” like there’s the “kill 1000 gnomes” quest in Uldum.

    Just sayin’….

  3. Oh, wow, her hair!

  4. Darth, remember the Blackrock instances for Dorfs. As for NEs, I guess that one of the wings of Dire Maul would have to do.

  5. Such an awesome, awesome picture; it’s just got the best texture.


  6. Flagrant Troll abuse, I’m both shocked and hurt.

    But it does look awesome 😛

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