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Who, me? Superstitious?

The other day the most excellent Kurnmogh of Kurn’s Corner asked on Twitter if a tens raider wanted to be on the podcast she co-hosts with Majik, Blessing of Frost. I was excited to have the opportunity to talk (and talk, and talk, if all the editing Kurn had to do is any indication…) about one of my favourite topics: 10s vs 25s!

The title is a little misleading in that we really weren’t debating which one is ‘better’ per se but just talking about some of the challenges they face. So if you are at all interested in that, you can find the show over here, and then you will know what I sound like (lucky you). The first part of the podcast was recorded on Monday but mid-way through Kurn’s entire building lost power because of a fire nearby and someone was stuck in an elevator. We rescheduled to continue on Wednesday and in-between I caught a heck of a cold. I drank juice and lozenges and hardly talked all day long just so I could save my voice up for the last part of the podcast, so if I sound weird – I blame that, and I think that both the fire/elevator/cold were all caused by the fact that it was the thirteenth episode of Blessing of Frost.

I’m not usually superstitious, but clearly there’s something to this theory. I had a lot of fun talking to Kurn and Majik and seeing a bit of “behind the scenes” at BoF. They are great folks and I appreciated the opportunity to join them. I also owe a thanks to my friend Walks who urged me to volunteer to be interviewed. It was definitely outside of my comfort zone but I am really glad I did it.

Comments on: "Who, me? Superstitious?" (5)

  1. You did AWESOME, Vid! Much better to edit stuff down than have a boring podcast. Hopefully the edits still mean the podcast makes sense. I lament having lost so much stuff, though!

    Thanks again for joining us! ❤

  2. I think I know what I’m going to listen to later!


    So, when are you planning on starting your own podcast, Vid?

    • I do want to state unconditionally that when Kurn said “goober” I laughed. And people give me a hard time for saying “egad!”

  3. You did really great. This was my first exposure to you, but I really loved hearing you talk about the specifics of 10 mans and guild leadership. You should do this more often, it seems like you’re meant for podcasting!

  4. Hey Vid you should wake up at 4 for the podcast! =D

    I’ll listen to it later when I get home from work.

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