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Sometimes when you hang around friends a lot, you can start to pick up on each other’s habits. Speech patterns, habits, you know. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I haven’t been true to myself. As a result – please click through to see my blog redesign and a new name, too!

This is the real me, you guys. I’m just Horde at heart, and I was meant to write about orcs.

Home sweet Orgrimmar.

I’m still going to write about mages, though! Because of course, some things never change. I’m afraid if you want to read about draenei from now on, you are going to have to go and check out my good friend’s blog. It’s awesome! It’d be even better if it were about an orc, though.

Comments on: "Orcalicious" (33)

  1. The worst part is Rade’s site. Oh God, my brain is melting.

  2. Hahah, I especially love your new subscribe picture. Well done XD

  3. “Luke, come over to the dark side! ”

    You killed Vidyala. YOU BASTARDS!


  4. Hello my Orcish friend! Your website is looking very nice! I like the colors you have chosen, especially the purple! It reminds me of home. Thank you for the link! I hope anyone looking for information and thoughts visits me for my thoughts on Draenei life, Draenei culture, Draenei fashion, Draenei cuisine, and anything else Draenic that I have forgotten! 😀

  5. And here I was expecting another Troll-icious!

    Thanks for the April Fool, Vid!

  6. I almost started crying…then I realized it was April Fool’s. WHEW.

    • I’m sorry Chloe, I didn’t honestly think anyone would believe… er, I mean, Blood and Thunder!

    • It’s actually a secret Draenic plot to overthrow Hellscream and replace him with Thrall and Jaina’s love child. I don’t think Rades could come up with a better plot device himself.

  7. Ullariend said:

    It tastes like Orc because it is Orc?

  8. You both made the right choice!

  9. OMG you two. XD

  10. You guys! I laughed so hard.

    Millya does look rather fetching as an Orc. The green skin tone and fangs agree with her 😉

  11. Now I’m almost believing that discussion about nazi orcs yesterday was all staged for this 😉

  12. Yay! We’ve finally convinced you that Orc > Space Goatz!


  13. I am scared. The world is tilting on its axis. Will we all fall off?!

  14. Once ya goes Orc, you’ll never go … uh …. um …. well …. dork.

    • Oh man. I had to pretend to be an orc to get a comment from Ratshag! I’m all pleased. But tomorrow he’ll go back to disdaining me and my hooves. It’s not easy being green/blue. :*(

  15. Love love LOVE the new orc mage. She looks like the creepy love child of Thrall and a blood elf.

  16. […] not, this isn’t one of the many pranks being executed.  (Frankly, I’m not clever enough to put one […]

  17. […] Orcalicious and Draenic Army Knife – Vidyala and Rades have been swapping some tips and they’ve ended up inspiring each other to race change! They’ve even changed all their blog designs already, that’s some enthusiasm for their newfound love of each others’ races! Some great – and timely – co-ordination. […]

  18. Love it, love it.

    Nice artwork at such short notice, too!

  19. Hendever said:

    Crabby says, “I approve this blog!”

    At least you didn’t go over to the Blood Elves. That is the true dark side. And they don’t have cookies at all. They have hair conditioner and herb sachets. Ugh. Orcs are much preferable to that. xD

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