Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

In farming Magister's Terrace for the hawkstrider, I had a good laugh as this boss tried to Iceblock to save himself from me. I've been there, buddy, but we have patience. You only delay the inevitable...!

I have some odds and ends for you today. First of all, as reactions to my post about some LFD pugs were fairly heated – it behooves (do you see what I did there) me to acknowledge publicly that the majority of pugs I run in the dungeon finder are really fine. Honest. And I run them primarily as a healer! So with that in mind, I am going to try to make more of an effort to highlight some good pugs I’ve had recently. Today’s was extremely excellent, and I’d like to thank Lotuz from Lightninghoof for being a great pug tank. CC was marked, and despite the fact that this player was not “overgearing” heroic content (still with some 316s etc.) healing him/her was not at all difficult. Instructions for bosses were clear and concise, and the entire group agreed to do every boss in HoO – even though I only asked if we could please do Setesh because I’m still using the Mace of Apotheosis and even though I think it’s kind of funny that it’s an homage to Kurn’s guild I’d still like to replace it with something a bit better. But I digress. Almost everyone in the group got at least one upgrade from a boss, proving that doing all of HoO can be very lucrative. I even scored a retribution chestpiece (alas, no sword, no mace). But anyway, great pug, everyone was pulling their weight, polite and easy, no deaths and mild chatting. I had fun. This made up for the fact that right before this pug, I accidentally disenchanted my Justice Point healing gloves and had to waste more points to replace, re-enchant, tinker and gem them. It was not my finest moment, proving that sometimes the stupidity you expect from LFD is actually closer than you think!

Because I don’t want a whole post just to say that, it’s been ages since I did search-term-o-rama. Here are some from the past seven days. I don’t do these as much as I once did because they are often boring or obvious (“manalicious,” and other prosaic mage-related stuff. But sometimes they are still funny).

and yellow socket gems for fire mages
I think you know what to do. (Hint: The answer is not yellow and it’s probably not orange but you never know).

“kill it with fire”
Yes! That’s what we like to do.

vidyala gemming int
By gosh, I am, and so should you. That holds true for both my mage and my paladin, really. It’s funny that you were searching for it so specifically.

mage static cling
We hate that. You know, you want your robes to be all flowing and dramatic and they are clinging to your legs and… Oh wait, you probably mean at the end of Vortex Pinnacle. Well, you can blink out of it. But if you want to avoid it altogether (and you should) note that he always casts it immediately following a chain lightning. So if you see chain lightning (zzzap) you know the Static Cling is coming really quickly so get ready to jump. Latency can make this tricky, you have to jump sooner than you’d imagine.

beautiful draenei
Thanks, I suppose, but you know we’re more than that. We have brains too (and in some cases we kill things with fire, but it’s not a requirement).

guild leader authenticator
Yes. Your guild leader should have one, more than any other person in your guild. This is my admittedly strongly biased and unabashed opinion. The GL is the only player who cannot have their bank access limited and so if they are hacked your guild is hooped and will probably lose everything. These days it’s pretty easy to have things restored, but that still is additional time and hassle for everyone involved. Just get an authenticator – get one on your phone if you can, order the $5 one if you can’t. No excuses!

what does a mage need agility for 4.0.6
Nothing! Ever. The most agile thing we do is blinking from one place to another. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise and please, please don’t ever use anything with agility on it. Every time you do that, Varian builds another statue of himself and Garrosh eats a kitten.

draenei patch 4.0.6
I don’t think we’re really changing. In fact, apparently we are so awesome that we’re the only race that didn’t get another class before Cataclysm. Too many people already like to have hooves and tails, I guess.

My next planned post: Why I am the world’s worst Death Knight. It’s true.

Comments on: "LFD Mention and Search Engine Soup" (10)

  1. Agh, the Accidental Disenchant! >_> I think we have all been there. Or to its sinister sibling, the Inadvertent Vendor Sell. I may have fallen prone to this last week, actually. I had three Solid Zephyrites to vendor (I crafted them for a JC daily, forgetting I was in a raid…doh.) and sighed and sold them. ONLY to find out the next day that I still had one left in my bags. So now I’m forever wondering…did I just forget to sell one? Or did I misclick and accidentally sell something else? D: I still don’t know!

    As for Mages needing agility. Did I ever tell you that I know a mage (THE SAME ONE WHO HAD THE NON-INT SHOULDER ENCHANT) who bought the Herkuml War Token back in Wrath? (+Haste, proc when you deal melee/ranged dmg to increase atk power) To make matters even worse, this was about halfway through ICC’s lifetime, when Frost emblems were still valuable and there were DEFINITELY still upgrades he could use. /sigh

  2. You know, because of all the horror stories about accidental DCs I make doubly sure before I zap something. So, you’re providing a valuable service, Vid!

    • The funny thing is, I don’t even know HOW it happened because I was wearing the things! And I hit the button for it on my bar, and my cursor was over some greens in my inventory (I thought) and then I saw in the chat log: “You discover that Gloves of Curious Conscience disenchants into: 1 Heavenly Shard!” And I’m going, wait gloves of… I didn’t WANT to discover that! -_-

  3. My friend did that back in our first year of playing, sort of. She was doing this low level LW quest that called for 6 boots. Sometime before picking this quest up she made a pair of those boots for herself. When the log said she made 6 boots she turned it in and then spent a solid chunk of time wondering why she was barefoot before she realized the quest ate them.

  4. I was wondering if it was possible to solo Magister Terrace with a mage and I’m so happy to see it’s possible ^^ Makes me even happier I rolled a baby nelf mage now πŸ™‚ and she is fire!

    • Haha. πŸ˜€ Oh yeah, it’s definitely possible (mind you, I am at 85, not sure how it’d go at 80). I don’t solo instances as fire generally, but frost. The nice thing about being 85 in H MgT is that you don’t even have to fight most of what is there since your aggro radius is so low. You can use invisibility to get through the courtyard with many mobs! I’m actually wondering now if I should write a quick guide about this. Thanks for the blog post fodder. πŸ˜‰

      • Invisibility will not get you past the guards at the entrance to Ammen Vale, however.

        Neve definitely earned her Explorer title after having 5 L90s beat on her. Repeatedly.

    • L80, no. L85, yeah. those extra 5 levels mean a great deal whether certain effects will hit you.

  5. Just a thought on the search term “mage static cling” and your response.

    In my experience the first static cling in the fight comes without warning before the chain lightning, after that they always follow chain lightnings. Cheers!

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