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I Miss The Horde

This is going to sound crazy coming from me, because I am so die-hard Alliance. Really – I’ve tried playing Horde. I’ve even documented the results. I faction-changed my shaman and it lasted a few months at best – I faction changed her back. I managed to level a Horde mage from 1-80, but at the first opportunity I moved her to another server and made her a draenei. Yes, I have two level 85 draenei mages now, do you want to make something of it? Also, Blizzard makes a fortune because of people like me. I can’t ever add up the amount of money I’ve spent on server-transfers/faction/race changes or it would cause my head to explode.

I know that the vision for this expansion was to really put the emphasis on the capital cities again, and I can appreciate that. I never thought I’d hear myself say this. But I really miss seeing the Horde around. When we used to share first Shattrath and then Dalaran you really got the sense that there was a whole half of the world you were ‘missing out on.’ Oh, sure, I can visit Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff (and I do, every time I’m doing archaelogy and I accidentally fly overhead and flag myself for PvP…) but I never see the people playing. I know Horde players exist (err, hordes of them…?) Voss and I went to Video Games Live this past weekend and after they played the Warcraft music some guy yelled, “FOR THE HORDE!” We really need a better battle-cry. It doesn’t have the same ring. Although someone else a few rows back from us yelled back, “Let’s take this outside!”

Part of my problem might be that my server doesn’t have a healthy population balance so there are fewer Horde players to see. But there are dragons perched on every surface in Stormwind, the banks are constantly jam-packed with people, and it’s starting to make me feel a bit stir crazy. At least running into an orc or seeing a Tauren around was a change of pace. Now there may be a crowd of people, but there’s also a sense of sameness.

So there, I said it: I miss your fur and horns, green skin and rotting knee-bones. I know it’s the world of Warcraft and so we’re kind of at war but we’ve done some things together, right? We’ve killed some common foes, and all. I know you’re out there, but I don’t see you any more! Maybe I need to hit the BGs (although it’s not quite the same as sharing a bank).

What do you guys think? Do you miss me too?

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  1. The correct response to “For the Horde!” is “Glory to the Alliance!”

    Yes, it has more words, but under no circumstances are you to respond with the same phrase back to the Horde.

    They will laugh at you, and then yell “Lok’tar Orgrimmar,” or something like that, and you’re pretty much sunk. You’re reduced to going “kek kek” which is kinda lame.

    So. Répétez après moi, s’il vous plait.


  2. Sometimes the Horde misses the Alliance. But then they cast the spell again. 😉

  3. Noodlestein said:

    Meh, I play both factions so I get my fill 😀

  4. noodlestein said:

    But before I forget, I definitely do NOT miss the damn gweedo goblins… even worgen are better than them.

  5. Perenolde US is very Alliance heavy, and the only time I saw you guys after the first couple of days is when I beat you to a Whiptail. (Swift Flight Form ftw)

    But yeah, it is a little strange not bumping elbows with the Alliance anymore.

    And Cynwise, with all due respect, the correct Battlecry follows:


  6. What, some merchant in Stormwind or Dal sounding like a stoner dude when he says “For the Alliance” isn’t good enough?

    (For the record, even though I say “dude” or “man” a lot, I don’t sound like that guy when I say “For the Horde!”)

    Well, this Hordie misses the mix too, even though A-52 was just as much a messed up proportion but in the Horde’s favor.

    • Suuure, sure you don’t. 😉

      I’m sort of glad it isn’t just me. It just seems strange not to see ’em around anymore.

  7. Hey… waitaminute!

    How was the concert?

    And I presume you know about Baba Yetu winning a Grammy this past year, the first video game music to ever win a major award?

    • Yes, that was awesome. Civ IV still has the best intro music imo.

      • Hey stranger! Where’ve you been?

      • Been taking a bit of a break from the social aspect of the game. Too many things happening on the job/life side to spend as much time reading blogs and spending time on twitter. Just need to focus on integrating the new recruits in the raid group and down some more bosses.

        How are things with you?

      • Busy. Family, Spring, and work have been conspiring to keep me busy, and I’ve been unable to find the length of time needed to complete a Cata instance in ages. I did try rated battlegrounds one night, and that was a disaster.

        Maybe things will start to slow down a bit the farther Spring goes one, but you never know.

  8. I miss seeing the Alliance around, too. I was thinking about possibly trying for “the Noble” with one of my low-level alts next week, but then I realized that with Dalaran a portal-less ghost town, it would be very very difficult indeed to get the bunny ears achievement. I suppose I could spend a bunch of time in BGs being useless because I’d have my Spring Flowers equipped instead of a real weapon, but that wouldn’t be very fun for me or the other people in the BG with me.

  9. *big Orcy hug to the Space Goats*

  10. I believe one of the devs (?) at a panel was asked what the rallying cry for Alliance was, if the Horde’s was “For the Horde!”

    The dev quipped, “Have mercy!”

  11. Lag aside, it WAS fun mingling with you Alliance scum in Dalaran. It was always funny spotting a tier set that was different on the other side, or seeing an Alliance player DARING to use OUR BANK. It also did, of course, make the seasonal events requiring doing something mischievous to some horrible race/class combination much easier (though the elusive female dwarf rogue never did exist, I swear).

    The communication-free impromptu marches around Dalaran where both sides lined up on Mammoths, war bears, or what have you, however, WERE very fun to see. I guess it was okay having you guys around, after all.

    (Plus, it was fun to Mind Vision around Dal, freaking out unsuspecting Alliance, players, and sneaking into the Beer Gardens!)

  12. I just rolled a Forsaken DK on Argent Dawn and OMG I’m in love with her all over again. I just got to Orgrimmar and have been running around like crazy just gawking at the troll-village. Love me some Horde time.

    • But is it the Horde that you like or the Forsaken reminding you of the olden goth days? 🙂

      • It’s probably a little from Column A and a little (ok, a lot) from Column B! I’m sure you have a spare warrior in the 50s or 60s somewhere, I can’t find a decent PuG tank to save my life!

  13. I miss the horde too! I have SO many alliance friends though that are near and dear to me in my guild. If I went to a new guild it just wouldn’t be the same. I wish we could all faction change though for an expansion 😀

  14. Yeah, I agree completely. I’m only alliance-only because to play a horde alt, I’d have to ditch my guild, and I don’t want to. I’m perfectly neutral, and wish everyone would just get along, so we could all go kill actual-evil crap together like sane people (my biggest complaint about this expansion was that they added one of the most neutral races, the goblins, to one faction and not the other). I totally miss having the horde around; neutral cities are the best.

    But anyway, whenever anyone yells out a battlecry for *either* side, I always reply with a shout of, “my life for Aiur!” I’m not even a big Starcraft player, I just think it fits.

  15. Sadly, my server is imbalanced the other way. I regularly take trips to Stormwind and Ironforge and never see anyone around either of those two capiatls. In fact the two places where I actually do see Alliance is the the Twilight Highlands around the dailies area and in Tol Barad. Ah TB, where world PvP actually means something and ganking is accepted par for the course – if only we could see a new Tarren Mill/Southshore conflict brew or a return to Halaa battle royales.

    It’s very hard to take world PvP seriously when the server is so heavily weighted in one side’s favour.

    Also, For The Darkspear (we’re not friends with Garrosh atm)

  16. I don’t miss the Horde. If they’re not trying to screw up the world, they’re stinking up the place.

    Sure, make all the jokes you like about us Dwarves being drunk, at least we bathe!

  17. You’re absolutely right. I rather miss the joint city idea. There’s no one in Dalaran or Shatt either, so you can’t get the same feeling there.

    But I miss seeing Alliance around the most when I need them for achievements. “Put bunny ears on a 18+ female dwarf? Where am I going to find one of those at this hour?!”

  18. Rochmoninoff said:

    What is the alliance yell? Is it really “For the Allinace”?
    No wonder I can’t remember it, who would yell that?

    This morning I was thinking: our yell should be “Remember Lordaeron”. The Alliance Alamo.

    “Glory to the Alliance” isn’t bad.

  19. […] wrote something I bet I will be feeling in a month or so as […]

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