Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

I dug back a bit into my art archives to find something for this Tuesday. These are gnomes I did for Technophobia (on Twitter) back in December. They are all his gnomes: Curacao, Calsyee, Priggle, Kamarile and Chipotle. They’re all related! I don’t do much gnome art, so they were fun to draw.

So many gnomes!

Comments on: "Tuesday Art Day: Gnomes Ahoy" (7)

  1. I definitely need to show this to my GM – he’s a gnome-aholic. 🙂

    They’re adorable!

    • It was easy to give them personality since Technophobia had written out biographies/personalities for each! Gnomes really are so personable. 😀

  2. Clearly this means you need to do Gnome art more often. 😉 These gnomes are great!

  3. So cute! ❤ I love all the tiny details on their armour. 😀

  4. Rochmoninoff said:

    A fellow appreciator of gnome culture!

    I remember one of my very first instance runs in Deadmines. It was all gnomes.
    We had a very tough time (I don’t think we made it to the first boss). What was Blizzard thinking? Creating a race w/o healers?

    Anyway the point of my story (other than the fact that YES THERE WAS A TIME I WAS SUCH A NOOB I THOUGHT HEALERS WERE OPTIONAL) was that we looked like a gang of little kids.

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