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Transmogrification! I’m a little late to remark on this news, but I don’t think you have to have known me long to know that I am over the moon about these changes. Finally, all the space I’ve been devoting to gear storage is going to pay off! If you’re newish to my blog you may not have read before I moved here from Pugging Pally. I’d like to call your attention to a fashion contest that I hosted last year around this time: The Well-Dressed Paladin. If you go here to the entry where I announced the winners, you can see a gallery of all the creative entries I received.

This seems like as good a time as any to revisit some of the unusual and awesome interpretations of paladin fashion – it doesn’t have to be a complete tier set to look great!

I’ve had a post about mage clothes in the works for ages, so watch for that soon. Meantime, if you’re anything like me, I’d better let you get back to doing old raid content to help get those last few pieces in your closet. I can’t wait to see the choices people make about their gear when they aren’t obligated to display the latest tier because it’s the best raid gear. I actually have a feeling that a good number of folks will still display T12, or whatever the latest tier is – because it’s a symbol of prestige and it does suit the content we’re doing. As for me, I intend to change the look of my gear probably around once a week or so. The cost of redoing it is a drop in the bucket compared to the enjoyment I expect to derive from hosting my own ongoing fashion show.

Comments on: "The Well-Dressed Paladin Redux" (3)

  1. INORITE! So very stoked about this feature, now I can use all those old tier sets I’ve been keeping in my bank, and I’ll never have to look like a space clown again! I got so excited I updated my wow model viewer and I’ve been looking at possibilities, but I’ll have to see what’s actually available to transmog at release, they say it’ll be limited at first and then slowly expanded.

    I just hope that all the talk about a way to get old tier and starting DK armor thats unavailable means I’ll finally be able to get my old Blood Tempered Ranseur back for my main! And my dreanei paladin can rock T4 and a Claymore of the Prophet all the time now! Or T9, I LOVE alliance T9. Or the level 60 pvp set! GAAAAAAH! Too much good stuff!

  2. I am also very excited, I’ve been working on TWO primary sets for my two mage specs, frost and arcane. The arcane set is mostly complete now (I’ve been wearing it in the city); its major features are Azshara’s dressing gown and Staff of the Redeemer (draenei life-staff look alike) and some other purple gray shoulders and belt with gray fingerless gloves. It’ll need tweaking to be PERFECT but it looks nice now. My frost set is going to include the glacial dress and belt (tailor made) and ahune’s frost staff. I haven’t found any shoulders or gloves yet.

    Now my only issue is switching from the mh/oh combo to a staff. I always liked staves better, but it was easier to get the others (Currently using the BS dagger and the off hand from the molten front). Pray to the light with me that a 365 or better staff for casters is on the loot table for the new dungeons.

  3. Of course they add it after I delete my gear piece by piece.

    Now (if I ever come back) I will have to dig up all the T2 gear from dungeon runs… *groan*

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