Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

The other week, one of our priests stepped out of the raid for someone else after a wipe. Inexplicably, his body floated there long after he'd gone. It was creepy. Our rezzes are so powerful they grant levitation!

I just wanted to post quickly to mention another podcast I was on recently, My Epic Heals. Eade and Wolfshade were our gracious hosts and I was there along with Kurn from Kurn’s Corner. It’s an episode about holy paladin healing. We talked about Ragnaros and a bunch of other stuff if you want to give it a listen.

Also note, in case you missed it, my silly paper dolls post from the other day! I probably would have ordinarily saved that post for today, but I’m impatient like that, so instead it was posted a few days back.

Comments on: "Minipost: Third Time’s The Charm" (4)

  1. I’m guessing it’s the Alysrazor area?

    During the first time you fight her when she crashes from the sky, she actually hollows the ground by about 3-4 meters. It’s pretty annoying. It means I have to set the location markers again so they don’t float above the ground.

    • You’re 100% right! Also, Lowtec! You’re alive! How’ve you been?

      • Was reading all the time. Didn’t feel like writing much though 🙂

        Lots of stuff happened. We’re finally a 10man raid now. And I’m not a guild/raid leader anymore, so life is relaxed.

        Hope everything is fine for you as well?

      • Oh and I raid as a paladin now, Tank/Heal specced. Who would’ve thought.

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