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Battleplate of Radiant Glory

Here's the Angry Yellow Man.

Well, folks, it’s here. Above is what I was afraid of. Below is the actual tier set, if you haven’t seen it yet!

Paladins, now with more wings!

Here’s what the artist had to say about it.

Design requested a set to ‘key off the Guardian of Ancient Kings summon,’ and I though the concept of ‘feathered’ plate mail, rendered in silver and gold, would create an aggressive, yet sweeping and powerful silhouette. The previous paladin raid set had a good deal of cloth, but we wanted this set to be entirely platemail.

The key to a strong paladin tier is hitting a balance between martial prowess and elegant grace — tapping into that classic Arthurian knight archetype.

How do I feel about it? I don’t hate it, at all. The colours are much more subdued. They used gold and burnished silver to really evoke that “noble, clean” look without going too over the top. Even the shoulder feathers are okay by me. They wanted to evoke the feeling of the Guardian’s wings without actually having giant wings poking out the back of the armor. Now, as for the helm…well.

I think it’s going to interfere with my horns. Most helms do. It may be something I’ll leave turned on if my horns don’t jab through it in a way that says “one blow to the face is going to embed this metal in my bone.” I’d have to see it on Vid before deciding. That said, who am I kidding – I’m going to probably be transmogrifying this set in any case. Not that it isn’t a very nice set. I may wear it for a time, but like I told my raid, I expect to transmogrify my gear about once a week or so, as the spirit moves me.

I like the set itself, though the winged helm might be a bit over the top. Then again, why not? Heimdall had these two spikes sticking out of his head and nobody laughed at him. (I know Thor’s helmet had wings, too, but he only wore it for about twenty seconds in the movie – which, incidentally, I enjoyed. The movie, that is).

So what do you think of Paladin T13?

Comments on: "Battleplate of Radiant Glory" (31)

  1. I’ll be mogging into T12. I think it’s sentimental, since T12 is my pally’s first raid tier, and I really like the way it looks, also.

    I’ll have to see this on a different model, but I definiately don’t like the helmet (I almost always hide my helms, though). I was hoping for wings on the breastplate instead of on the shoulders 😦

  2. I’m very impartial about it so far. I think the shoulders are…odd, to say the least, and the helm is just a bit over the top for me.

    I think I need to see it on a non-human model to really determine how bad it looks on me. I was really hoping for another plate skirt–I just always think legs are awkward and I feel that skirts can convey more of the design.

    My current plan is to Transmorg the outfit…but, we’ll see? I wasn’t incredibly keen on T12 for whatever reason (I don’t really like the helm), but now I adore it. The same may happen with this set. I do feel that I should be asking the guild druids if I can perch with them in Org because of those shoulders though!

    • I get what they were saying about how many pally tiers have recently had more cloth and they really wanted a *plate* feel. You only dislike legs because yours are too scrawny! /flee

  3. The biggest complaint I’ve been hearing is the poufy legs, which ARE a little bulky – they make the boots seem extra tiny in comparison. Paladin booties! As for the helm, it’s not terrible, but it’s a little large. Actually, it’s just like DK Tier 12 – it seems they’re passing the “giant winged helmet” model around between the classes. 😉

    Overall, I think it’s not terrible, but not exceptional. Which will mean, for most people, transmogrification.

  4. Ya, thought of you when I saw the pics. Thought they did a decent job with it – is much easier on the eyes than T11, and I think is fair ta say T12 is in the eye of the beholder (Kinna’s okay with it, but her raid leader keeps bitchin’ about havin’ a flamin’ toilet seat on her head. /shrug). Anywho, colors look very Soldier of the Light-y, stylin’ ain’t bad, we just needs fer ta see how it fits a hoomy female ‘fore we gives it the team’s Stamp of Approvalizings.

    That said, Kinna’s gonna be moggin’ ta either the T2 purple repaint or a T6/T9 mix at leasts until she has a full set. A mix of T11, T12, and T13 would be hideosity incarnate.

    • I think my brain exploded just thinking about T11/T12 and T13 together. I still wish I could get rid of the damnable troll skull shoulders from my ret set. Thank goodness for transmogrification! The purple Judgement recolour is easily one of my favourite sets in the game. I have it all ready to go and I might use it awhile, myself – but I also really like the T4 Justicar (it looks just like a draenei guard!) and even T5. Most people hate T5 but I think it looks great on a draenei and should be fairly unique for that reason.

      As for the T12 – I liked the helm initially (not that I have it) but I don’t really like the face of it. It looks a bit odd and I don’t like having the eyes hidden. The shape of with the sticky-out parts is okay though.

  5. I appreciate that I can envision any paladin-capable race wearing it (Draenei horns being the possible exception). When the shaman tier came out, I felt it was a great tier for orcs and trolls but would look out of place on my Draenei, especially since she’s resto, and it doesn’t feel “resto” to me. But anyhoo, I actually do like this tier, and I don’t even mind the helm. Players have been crying out for a sense of epicness to return to the game, and I honestly think the designers are trying to give that to them here.

    • I think you’re right, and I’ve liked most of the sets that have come out, overall. At least they are trying new things, in many cases sets that are an extreme departure from anything that’s been done in the past for each class!

  6. I really love the colors.

    I was terrified of the hideous Tier 1-like banana-bright armor but the silver is perfect and the gold highlights make it ceremonial rather than gaudy.

    And yeah, since I sprouted horns and hooves, I too resent the way horns screw up 99% of helms. :-/

    • It’s why I tend to favour engineering goggles, although I’d also really like to replace my 359 goggles with anything, someday. But they fit the character too, so I dunno. Helms notwithstanding, horns are awesome! And thank goodness it didn’t turn out to be a banana tier.

  7. I am not a big fan of the hat but overall I like the set; much better than what Rogues got >.> you definitely called it with your prediction about Guardian of Ancient Kings.

    • I think several people predicted it (and can’t remember who) but I know I thought it when I read the note so I don’t feel badly about saying, “Called it!” The rogue set just feels…meh to me. It doesn’t inspire any particular feeling. Not bad enough to get angry, not good enough to care, you know?

    • I too was very amused to see this shortly after Vid’s post in which she worried about getting to look like her bananaman. 😀

  8. I really like this set. Pally armor is generally quite nice looking.

    • I think it usually is, yeah! I like druid gear too, for the most part, with the exception of the weird Lasherweave set. (The scariest part about my armour is wondering if it will bite you!)

  9. Definitely not a fan. At all. I hate the Angry!Man as it is, as I call him, and so I’ll just be chilling out in 8/8 Lightforge.

  10. The thing I don’t like are the shoulder feathers. I feel like channeling that guy in History of the World Part I when I see it: “Fly little birdie! Fly! Be free!”

  11. The legs look a little odd stationary, but are fine in the battle stance. The codpiece is a little… out there, using both meanings of the word.
    I think the headpiece is a little overdone. The two little antennas are only there so that the wings can extend without looking absurd. I’d prefer a toned down version of the same concept, such as but I’m sure plenty would disagree.

    I don’t follow the connection from Guardian. Guardian has wings, birds have wings, so let’s put a bird on top and feathers on the shoulders?

    I do like the set. I agree that the colors make it a noble look. It feels like our silver T11 evolved.

    • I think, re: the wings, when I look at the shoulders (if you follow the line of them with your eye) they are kind of shaped as if they were angel-type wings tucked in around the shoulders, if that makes sense? At least that’s what I’m getting from it. Although I understand objections to the feathers in general; and I feel I could have taken or left them.

  12. To me, T12 is the modern T2. T13 looks like fun, but I’ll definitely be that Engineer. The one who ‘mog’s every helm to goggles. I just need to figure out which pair…

    • Goggles are the best! I like the Wrath model the most, I think. The Cataclysm ones are a bit goofy. I will probably do exactly the same, so I don’t judge. 😉

  13. I’m not sure about it – I actually like the helm (which I normally don’t) – but I’m not sure about the shoulders I think if I was going to use it, it’d have to be a mix and match set – i.e. the helm with another tier set. At the moment I’m looking towards using tier 11 – probably with no helm – but with barricade of eternity (some I’m running EoE ten man for it) and the lvl 60 pvp sword (or the vicous gladiator gavel if I have a mace).

    I also love the shoulders from the ulduar tier (and I have them) – so I’m tempted to go down that line for my holy set.

  14. I personally love the helmet. Those wings done again on the shoulders, adding the skirty thing to the legs and together with those colors it could have been an iconic paladin set again. Ah well… 🙂

  15. They can make the armour look as much like Heimdall as they like, just as long as they also give us that delicious sword.

  16. Not a big fan of the T13 gear. Might just take a piece from different Tiers, Transmogrify, and have a mixed set for S & G. We’ll see. Perhaps it will grow on me and I will become the living “Angry Man”.

  17. I actually love the set- especially the shoulders! I’ve always been a sucker for wings (probably why I loved my Druid’s t11 shoulders, hehe). The helm is a bit weird, it looks too close to the warrior T13 helm with a recolor imo.

    But overall, I agree with you- it gives off that holy and noble feel for a paladin!

  18. […] angry yellow man makes for a neat buildup to burst, or, more often, an ingredient as I forget to use it before for […]

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