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Tuesday Art Day: Vosskah

I’ve been trying some different experiments with my art lately, mostly centered around getting away from so many lines. I have a bunch of stuff in the works that’s in this vein, but this is one of them I did of Voss a few weeks back. I’m pretty happy with it, as far as “experimental sketches” go! If you look closely, you can see there’s a Naaru-esque pattern on his tentacle rings, something perhaps Voss himself wouldn’t necessarily wear, but I thought they looked too plain otherwise and I’d always imagined draenei jewelery contains a fair amount of embellishment and personal meaning.

Comments on: "Tuesday Art Day: Vosskah" (7)

  1. I like it. The jewelery is a nice detail and you are right. The Draenei should have elaborate, detailed jewelery. They do have the jewelcrafting bonus.

  2. I always love your art Vid. So how do I commission one? πŸ˜›

    • Thanks, Navimie! πŸ™‚ You can always e-mail me at puggingpally AT gmail dot com to discuss prospective commissions. I’ve got a bit on my plate at the moment but I’m always happy to plan a bit ahead!

  3. Needs more chintacles!

  4. He looks handsome. πŸ˜€ The eyes are particularly life-like! ❀

    • Thanks! Draenei faces are kind of weird. I find the men especially difficult to capture. I think it’s because they have a more “alien” facial structure than the women do. (tentacles notwithstanding).

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