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Tuesday Art Day: Nima

Here’s a Tuesday Art Day that is not necessarily WoW-related, if you’ll forgive me! This is my glacially leveling SWTOR sage, Nima. Like all of my “main” characters, she is blue and has Freckles. Well, she’s sort of a turquoise. But the freckles are essential. The blue thing is the punchline of a recent From Draenor With Love – I like things and people that are blue with a disproportionate love. I don’t know why, but it’s always been true!

I haven’t really been playing SWTOR very much, when I have a hankering to play a game lately I’ve logged into WoW, but I’m sure we’ll pick it up again soon. It’s been an enjoyable game for the two of us leveling together, the story is quite engaging. The few instances we’ve done have been fun. Nima herself is pretty awesome, Voss said she is stuck-up but I don’t see that. In a world where Twi’lek are often exploited (and even slaves) she has to work especially hard at making it pretty clear that there’s no price in the galaxy that is worth her integrity. Also, she will throw a droid in your face. DROID TO THE FACE. So she’s straightforward, no-nonsense and a bit of a hardass. She trusts the Force, and that’s pretty much it.


Comments on: "Tuesday Art Day: Nima" (13)

  1. Creepy looking race but gotta love the blue people :p

  2. Oh, a Twi’lek, eh?

    Anyway, so you’re playing Republic?

  3. Looks like my companion. Anyway, keep up the arty posts 🙂

  4. It’s true. She had a fit when I put up a banner on our guild’s website featuring Millya with a very slightly different shade of blue skin. Threatened to /gkick me and everything!

  5. She looks so sad, almost like she tears in her eyes. Any reason for that?

    Loving the artwork though.


  6. Freckles = ❤

    Love a bit of SWTOR art from you, even though I'm not playing it atm. 😀

  7. Love it. As for blue, one of my favorite space-show standards, which was directly spoken by the special effects supervisor of Star Trek: TNG (I think in the 1st season specials, if anyone wants to cite me), “If you can’t do it well, do it blue!”

    That’s not to say anything about your work or your toons, of course, just about the love for blue in general. Just seeing blue special effects makes up for their badness, I guess.

    • Which once again to be clear I don’t mean your work, which is, as always, beautiful. Man, I hate the written word, when speaking is so much clearer.

  8. She looks mournful – would say ‘blue’ but…she does seem kind of sad, but yes – you captured integrity.

  9. Wow, very well done! Great job!

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