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This Was A Triumph

Here's a shot of Deathwing before he became too busy tossing people off his back in LFR to burn the world. This was taken moments before I met a fiery end while trying to fish peacefully in Uldum. "Oh, the fire won't extend this far..." Famous last words, DW, but I got my revenge.

I was actually awake when the NDA for Mists lifted! I could have written a blog post then and been a forerunner in blog news. Instead, it’s a few days later and everyone has had time to pick over and digest all of the new information and so you won’t learn anything new here!

Of course there were some things I am interested in with Mists. One is a new character slot – hallelujah! Of course, I would have preferred a few new character slots (five, maybe?) but I’ll make do with one. The hardest thing for me is looking at my roster of characters and deciding who is going to die. Which one gets the axe? I know there are some folks for whom deleting characters is actually somewhat cathartic or commonplace, but for me it’s a big deal! I’ve only ever deleted one character who was higher level than 40; my ill-fated hunter. I just never “clicked” with her. Actually, I lie – I didn’t even delete that character, I transferred it to Voss’ account. So the highest level character I’ve ever deleted was twenty.

I’m not sure if it’s because of my inherent RP attitude that it’s tough to do – although I did joke that I “killed” my night elf priest when I race-changed her into a draenei. It’s like I’m murdering a person? Anyway, I need at least two new character slots, one to house my draenei monk and another for a pandaren of some persuasion. Characters that are currently on the chopping block:

-Sarika, 32 Draenei warrior: Warriors are pretty fun and all, but I seldom play her and don’t have much interest in tanking generally. My intent was to level her as a tank and blog about it. She doesn’t have much story or background to speak of either so as far as “murders” go it’s pretty low-risk.

-Jun, 16 Night Elf rogue: I finally made a rogue but I only played her for a day. I have to admit, the lowbie rogue experience seems to be lacking in some way? (Or else it’s me that’s the problem). I learned poisons but they didn’t tell me squat about poisons, and the only way I found a poison vendor was looking on Wowhead. If I had been a new player with this rogue I probably wouldn’t have put poisons on my dagger for approximately 50 levels or similar, as it was it’s a miracle I remembered that you could put poisons on EACH dagger. So Jun’s fate is uncertain, at the least I will probably keep her and use the name for my pandaren.

-Mildred, 41 Forsaken priest: Actually, Mildred’s name probably doesn’t belong on this list because I can’t bring myself to delete her because her name is Mildred. Even though I have little interest in playing a priest or a Horde character at this time. I’ve considered deleting her just to remake some other class so I can experience the “new” Forsaken experience everyone is talking about. But Mildred is the perfect foil to my Millya, so she’s probably okay. Plus Voss has adopted her name as a means of referring to someone who is doing something annoying, such as running halfway across a zone to pick a Mageroyal, losing track of every person in your leveling group, then stopping to pick 8000 Peacebloom. He hollers, “MILDREEEDD!” I suppose you have to hear it to appreciate it.

Anyway, one of those characters will need to die so I have sufficient slots. I had intended to level Jun so we could work towards the Classy Night Elves achievement, but I grossly overestimated available time and interest. Maybe Mildred should be a mage instead (because I need another one! No, really!)

Mists sounds like it’s going to be pretty great for pet collectors, clothes horses goats, and folks who have a sick addiction to dailies and rep grinds like I do. I played Farmville for awhile, until the pressure to harvest imaginary vegetables made me ask myself, “Why am I logging in at specific times to plant more blueberries when I could be playing WoW instead?” Now I’ll never have to experience that dilemma again. I’m not even being sarcastic, I’m excited to plant Warcraft vegetables. I think this addition might just tip the scale and get my Mom to play WoW too, which is why I’m not going to mention it to her. I was telling some guildies the other day that I asked my Mom if she wanted to try WoW because I thought her tolerance for repetitive activities would make her the ideal herb-farmer and miner. In her off-time, she would collect pets. I’m informed that considering using my Mom as an herb farmer makes me a horrible person, which is probably true. But she’d be so GOOD at it!

I like the female Pandaren models. I’m interested to see more of their faces, but I think they are much better than they could have been; they are obviously not an afterthought as female worgen were, which shows that Blizzard was listening to those criticisms, which I appreciate. I’ve heard that some bottom dwellers have already come out of the woodwork to complain that they are fat, to which I say, they are PANDA PEOPLE. Get over yourself! She could have been even fatter and I would’ve been happier, but she’s fine the way she is. I’ll be happy to play one, which is pretty different from my initial feelings about the Mists expansion.

Generally, everything I read about Mists made me more excited to play it. I think the story sounds interesting, I think exploring the continent sounds exciting – even the 10,000 waterfalls, which I will no doubt visit because I like a healthy dose of masochism with my gaming. There will be so much content at level 90 that I can’t possibly be bored. Not being a Warcraft III player, I had no basis for the existence of Pandaren but as friends urged me to keep an open mind I put any premature judgements on hold. Even Voss has warmed to the Pandaren and is looking forward to leveling one with me. The only thing that will need addressing before Mists is my serious dearth of bank space. I finally sold my Darkmoon Card: Volcano just the other day in desperation and to free up one more slot. Farewell, old friend. You served me well for three tiers. You will not be missed.

I eagerly await the time when mounts are made account-wide so that I can ride my ridiculous and awesome rooster mount on any character. They’ve said it’s next on their list after pets, now that the tech is in place to make it happen. That’s a feature worth having, as far as I’m concerned! Cory Stockton also said that there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of people who are raiding since LFR was introduced; he had to be a bit sly about specifics, so no percentages or numbers, but that’s pretty neat to hear. LFR obviously has its upsides and downsides, but the ability to queue for it with friends from other servers has made a big difference to me. Plus, I’ve been using loot from it on my main for months now so I should probably not say much!

Last but not least, here are two links to things that caught my eye today.

My fellow Moonrunnerian (Moonrunnerite?) over at Double Protection wrote about a topic near and dear to my heart: Loot! Don’t lie, you love the purples too. Specifically, he’s addressing a problem that our raid group has experienced – loot distribution for tens. We had six weeks of constant Conqueror tokens, I’m not even kidding. We only recently started to get Vanq again, I got my four-piece bonus just a short time ago, and two of my pieces were from LFR. I like some of his ideas.

Alas of Kiss My Alas fame is sadly wishing the Warcraft blogosphere farewell (Kiss this Alas goodbye). Alas’ voice will be missed, also her querulous sheep that never fails to make me guffaw. (Okay, I’m biased, so what). Best wishes, Alas! Mage mage.

And Cynwise did a reading round-up just today, so in a lazy roundabout way you should check out his post if you’re looking for yet more great posts!



Comments on: "This Was A Triumph" (12)

  1. My first take on this is : kill all your alts. ALL OF THEM.

    My second take is that you’re not going to be able to delete all three of these at once. THERE IS NO WAY THIS IS HAPPENING. So. Focus instead.

    Delete your warrior. Voss will forgive you, and you can always go back and level another one with someone if you want to. That’s one slot.

    Leave Jun alone until Mists. She is now a placeholder. She has a great name, and if you want to use it for a monk in Mists, do so. If you feel ANY guilt while looking at her, though… delete her. This is effectively two slots.

    Do the first few quests in Trisifal on Mildred and ask yourself, “is this fun?” Running through lowbie zones on higher level toons is not always fun. If you are having fun, great! If you are not having fun, delete her and reroll her as level 1. Go through the zones on your own time, using them to actually level. Pick up Herbalism and Mining so you can chase all the yellow dots again, only this time you can curse Mageroyal for being JUST out of reach of your skill.

    Also, if I could get my Mom to farm mats for me… I totally would.

    (Also also: yay for just getting something out there today!)

    • Oh Cyn. You ask so much. You’re probably right, though. I’m not playing the warrior and SHE does make me feel guilty. Jun can be a placeholder! (I love the name and was so surprised to nab it. A guildie said, “I didn’t even know three-letter names were ALLOWED). So she automatically has a cool-factor.

      I will try your suggestion on Mildred, too. With the caveat that I’ve leveled her jewelcrafting and alchemy so high already that I’m not sure I could let her go…

  2. I thought about you guys in particular when I wrote about tier tokens. Every time Blizzard gets challenged about tier token issues they always claim that it’s just a statistical blip, but with the sheer number of people that raid it’s going to happen to people every week.

    I think reducing waste loot would also lead to less burnout. Cataclysm burnout has been so bad that it’s tearing our whole server apart, and while the server is still healthy the raid scene has really shrunk.

    • Yeah, it sure sucks to be that “blip.” And what was wrong with having the non-class specific tokens, anyway? That was the only thing I really liked from ToC. At some point (after another week of shunting off-off-off-spec gear to our priest and paladin) I said, “I get that they do this because it slows loot acquisition and artificially gates their content. But it’s almost driving me to not want to play their stupid content at all.”

      And it’s true. Your point about burnout was spot on, and it’s not because I “only think about loot,” am loot-obsessed or some kind of loot-monger. It’s because playing a game week after week with no hope of tangibly improving your character in a meaningful way is NOT FUN. It just isn’t. I’ve made the point (and I believe it) that if we were still pushing heroic content we would have struggled because the distribution of loot across the raid group was really so poor. Two mages, a rogue, and our DK didn’t have four-piece for so long, or acquired it only by using mostly LFR pieces. It’s a significant chunk of DPS that matters at those difficulty levels, and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it.

  3. Clothesgoat! LOL!!! I love it!

    I agree with Cyn regarding Jun — the name is fabulous, so you should absolutely keep the toon around as a placeholder for your Draenei Monk. Let someone else worry about leveling a Night Elf Rogue for that Classy Night Elves achievement.

  4. I’m making a note here: Huge Success!

    … Sorry, couldn’t resist. That was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw your post title 😛

  5. gameldar said:

    Deleting characters – it is such a dilemma! I never have enough time and to delete something that I’ve spent some time on feels like I’m undoing all that effort. In a way part of that ‘time’ feeling is that I still attach the vanilla levelling time to them in my head.

    I wish they’d given more slots as well – I’d love to play some horde side, but I don’t have the space. As Blizzard have said – how many of those characters do you actually play? But I still have ‘stuff’ associated with them. The ones I’m reluctant to delete are all ones I created in Vanilla however (and most of them have one of the pvp titles – even if it is just private). However with Wrath I think I gave myself a couple of floating slots which I’ve changed what was playing there. I just deleted one on Tuesday (bye bye Braelun boomkin and resto just isn’t for me any more – you served your purpose in me seeing if they changed anything in the worgen intro area since beta… but I still don’t like the worgen casting animation).

    • I know what you mean! I have two Horde characters on my “home” server now and it’s really crunched my Alliance space. And it’s hard to let go of any character for any reason, for me. (RIP, Braelun).

  6. You should totally keep your rogue! Only, it might not get fun til higher levels :S I can only really speak for Assassination spec (and to a lesser degree Subtlety; never played Combat) but until you get the talents that reduce the amount of energy you use there’s a lot of standing around autoattacking and waiting for your energy bar to fill up. Once you get to 49 or so though it gets more interesting 🙂

  7. You can’t delete Mildred, ever. I don’t know if you read these when you were younger but by the sound of it, Mildred was a perfect name choice (

    I’d ditch the warrior, you could make a Pandaren one when Mists comes out.

    I think I’m going to have “murder” one of my Priests. Just not sure which one, Havisham is the lowest level, Worgen (her snorting annoys me) but she has an awesome name and hates everyone.
    Which leaves either the Night Elf or the Human because the Gnome is definitely staying. Why couldn’t Blizzard have allowed us more than 11 characters per server 😦

  8. Hehehehe. >D

    I can’t imagine trying to visit 10,000 waterfalls, but might try it anyway because… I can.

    As for deleting alts… recently, I deleted a bunch of 85s because I just don’t play them. I’m not very good at the end-game thing, so I just deleted the alts and I consider their stories ongoing instead of them being dead. Mekt is still doing the bear druid thing somewhere, Kombe is still making bags to sell and being a terrible warlock. They may get rolled again some other time, but for now, I don’t need those toons cluttering up the selection screen on a server I don’t play very often.

    I am excite for lady pandas, though! They are gonna be so cooooool and close to my body type, yaaay.

    Mildred is the BEST forsaken name, just saying.

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