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Tuesday Art Day: Millya

A weekly tradition that I’d let fall by the wayside a little. I’ve been feeling lately that in-between From Draenor and my other work, I really want to draw with tools that aren’t digital. Unfortunately, my studio looks like a bomb went off and I haven’t seen the top of my drafting desk in years. Anyway, that can’t prevent me from doing small sketches in charcoal and other media until I can get things cleaned up, such as this one. I’ll admit to doing a bit of digital touching up before uploading, although it was mostly in the vein of trying to recover detail I felt was lost in the scan. I feel like Manalicious should have some kind of slogan related to my draenei. “A draenei a day…?” No, I don’t even know, honestly. But it’s always fun to draw my characters. Especially since Voss tends to quiz me about it.

“Oh, what are you drawing there?”


“Oh. And who is your MAIN?”


“Good. You better keep answering that question correctly!”

(That might sound harsh, but he does have good historical reason for keeping me on the straight and narrow in this regard).

Comments on: "Tuesday Art Day: Millya" (4)

  1. For the “who is your main?” question, you could have easily answered “A Draenei.”

    Nicely done!

  2. I’ve missed Tuesday Art Days, too.

    Millya looks very young and innocent and sweet in this sketch, like she’s the Draenei equivalent of a 10 or 11 year-old Human.

    Good luck with getting your studio straightened up so you can start doing more traditional media work again! 😀

  3. Awww, she’s so cuuuuute.

  4. Lovely and sweet drawing, so lovelly (looks for her own sketchbook)….

    in the meantime, thank you –

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