Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

I have to really resist not adding my own text in here, but I thought this would be kind of funny. I’ve been feeling sketchy lately, and going to visit Malfurion for Childrens’ Week sparked this idea. I obviously have some notions as to what they might be saying, now I want to hear what YOU think. It’s a contest of sorts but I don’t know if there will be prizes, apart from the delight of putting words in Malfurion and Tyrande’s mouths. Click the image to see a larger version!

Comments on: "Tuesday Art Day: Caption This" (10)

  1. Malfie: “Ta-DAAAA! Your official portrait to hang in the Hall of Amazingness at Blizzard HQ!”

    Tyrande: “But…but…but…it’s a picture of you! I mean, that’s my arm, but…and where are my clothes?”

    /sociopolitical commentary

  2. M: Hey, I know you liked me cleanshaven, but what’s wrong with having more of me to love?

    T: Can’t you at least wash the thing every once in a while?

  3. Cici Millan said:

    M: Look Tyrande! I’ve escaped the Emerald nightmare! And it hardly affected me at all.

    T: Y-Yes you’re exactly how I remembered you…

  4. M: I’m so happy to get to finally meet you. Am I everything you imagined?

    T: That is not the picture you had on facebook.

  5. M: “Come on sing with me. Antlers, Wings, knees and claws, knees and claws!”
    T: “Sigh. And he’s supposed to be the responsible brother.”

    • This is my favorite of the responses so far 😀
      Perhaps that’s because I teach the 3 year-olds at church on Sunday, and we sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” a lot 😛

  6. Malfurion: Hey, baby, I’m back from my odyssey in the Emerald Dream!
    Tyrande: And I kept unthreading the loom every night for 10000 years for this?!

  7. khalton, troll druid, staghelm said:

    Malfurion: ” You’ve got to try these Prairie Oysters I had at the Darkmoon Faire!”
    Tyrande: ” This isn’t canon.”

    T: …sadly I’ve awoken from a dream too…*sigh*

  9. “Hey Tyrande, I found this great leaf pile to roll in!”
    “And here I thought the beard meant you’d matured…”

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