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This was the first (and probably only year) that we’ll be able to go to Blizzcon. So far this year it’s been a lot of uncertainty related to my infertility stuff. i.e. “Can we go to Blizzcon? If this medication works and I am pregnant then I can’t…” etc. But today finally arrived and I know we are okay to go to Blizzcon so we were ready to get our mitts on some tickets!

Rhidach helpfully had written a “how to get Blizzcon tickets” guide on our guild forums that was fantastic. ETA: He’s since posted these helpful tips on his blog, too. Less helpful was the fact that both he and I don’t seem to handle stress well and so we were stress-cases. I was honestly jittery all day anticipating the moment when I’d have to be spamming F5 to try and get into the queue quickly. We were in Mumble with Rhidach, Voss and Theck. All of us on tenterhooks, waiting. Actually, Voss seemed pretty chill, but Rhidach and Theck and I all agreed afterwards that the moment itself had been intense. My heart started pounding the way it does when we are fighting a progression boss and you just know that you can kill it. I just kept hitting F5 steadily with my eyes fixed on the words “unavailable” and my cursor hovering ready for when the button should appear.

When it did I hit it as fast as I could and hoped for the best. It takes you to a new page and tells you how you did. I was number 33 in line! I think it’s some uniquely DPS thing, but I am super proud of this. SEE HOW FAST I CLICK.

I know of course that there is a component of luck too. I happened to hit Refresh at a really great time. The clicking was all me, though. All four of us that were in Mumble managed to get tickets at various times, enough that we had some extras. I am happy that I was able to resell those to Twitter friends (at face value) who weren’t as lucky with the queue. I don’t think buying four was greedy as I intended to make sure they got into the hands of other worthy folks rather than scalping them for ridiculous amounts on eBay as some unscrupulous people seem to do.

If you were someone who wanted tickets and didn’t get them, I’m sorry, I hope you have better luck on Saturday! I wish I had enough tickets to give to everyone. The Warcraft community (especially the people I know on Twitter) are so awesome and you all deserve to go. Plus, I’d like to meet you!

So now as for Blizzcon itself! I’m worried it’s going to be a chaos of people or I might not recognize people or miss out on meeting people I’d really like to meet. I’m not quite sure how I will manage that yet. I know that I definitely will find some way to identify myself/From Draenor, possibly a shirt or…I don’t really know. I guess a shirt would be the most obvious thing. Anyway, if you are going to Blizzcon and I know you at all (or even if I don’t) I would love to meet you! I’m toying with the idea of some FDWL stuff I could have on hand for other people but I’m not sure about that one yet. Rades and I have talked about it before but not with anything definite. Shirts would be too unwieldy and I don’t know whether anyone would even want them. If you have any ideas I’d be happy to entertain them! Fortunately, now the tickets are bought and there is still time before the actual convention to think about these things.

I’m so excited to put some faces to the names I’ve known so long, in some cases years, and to meet some new people too, no doubt. We’re thinking about extending the trip a little to head to San Diego, so we’ll see.

Anyway, the gist of this post: I hope to see you at Blizzcon! Leave me a comment or get in touch or something so I know who to look out for.

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  1. Don’t forget to schedule Friday night for the Twisted Nether Meetup! 🙂

  2. Saying I don’t do stress well is such an understatement! Sorry if I exacerbated your stress levels. I think we formed some kind of horrific stress feedback loop.

  3. There’s a reason I’m the raid leader and not you and Rhidach. Damn you guys get nervous easily. 😛

  4. Best of luck down there! (Don’t get sunburned!)

    I take it the fact that you could go to BC was kind of a mixed blessing?

  5. I would highly recommend San Diego! The zoo and Sea World are absolutely amazing. If you do go, I can’t recommend the Safari Park enough either (I actually wish we’d scheduled more time for it when we went last year!). If you do the Safari Park – pay for the “VIP” area for the cheetah run (it’s like 7 bucks a person or something), completely worth it!


  6. If you make it to San Diego, and like BBQ, head to Phil’s BBQ off Sports Arena Blvd right off the 8 West a few miles from the ocean. Just ask anyone how to get to Phil’s and they should be able to direct you. Be prepared to wait in line to get a table but it is TOTALLY worth it.

    Still some of the best BBQ I have ever had. Since moving from San Diego I haven’t found something that matches it.

    Grats on snagging tickets! I had a few guildies who were trying to win tickets but were unable to get some.

  7. I flew halfway across the country alone (husband couldn’t get leave) and 13 weeks pregnant (dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum) to attend Star Wars Celebration IV in LA. Had a blast despite all the puking, would do it again. The events themselves are mindblowing but the fun with friends is the best part hands down. Grats on your awesome clicking skills 😀

  8. Make sure you create some business cards!

  9. Grats on your tickets!! That’s awesome that you were able to help some twitter folks too 😀 The idea you’re toying with about having some FDWL stuff totally sparked me, ‘I’m a fly draenei!’ stickers may be in the works 😉

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