Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

About Manalicious


I’m a twenty-something WoW fan – I should really say ‘late twenties’ at this point. I like to talk about strict ten raiding, art, guild leading, DPSing, healing, and magical baked goods. Sometimes I write about my bumbling attempts at tanking or other useful things. I post some art about once a week or so. I am usually available for art commissions if you like what you see here. I’ve done several banners for different bloggers and a fair number of character commissions.
(Blog banners: Righteous Defense, Cannot Be Tamed, Kiss My Alas, Haz Mace Will Raid).

Formerly Known as…

Last year, I started a little blog about the adventures of my World of Warcraft paladin alt, Vidyala. I called it Pugging Pally. The goal was to level her entirely using the LFD tool. In the end, it wasn’t entirely but it was pretty close! As that project came to a natural conclusion (she reached the level cap!) I gradually transitioned the blog to more general WoW topics. The problem became that it didn’t sound like a general WoW blog – it sounded like a paladin blog, but it really wasn’t.

After giving it some thought, I decide to pack up my things and move to a blog with a more appropriate name. My main character is a mage, but more specifically – all of the characters I play with any regularity have one thing in common – that blue bar at the bottom! Manalicious was the best cooking daily in The Burning Crusade, the name was suggested by Rades, and the rest is history! I owe thanks to my guildie, Id, who helped me with CSS and other confusing dilemmas. I hope folks who liked the Pugging Pally will settle in here where I can about my mage, paladin, druid, shaman, priest, and anything else related to WoW that strikes my fancy. (There may even be more recipes. The blog is, after all, Manalicious.)

My guild

My guild is Business Time of Moonrunner US, and my main character is Millya. During the height of our strict ten achievements (before we let our ranking lapse) we were tenth in the US relative to other awesome strict ten guilds. We finished Wrath of the Lich King with a heroic Lich King kill to earn Bane of the Fallen King and we couldn’t be happier!

You can contact me at puggingpally AT gmail dot com or via comments here if you have any questions, that’s still my e-mail address until I change it. I am also known to hang out on Twitter extensively here.

Comments on: "About Manalicious" (9)

  1. Nice to see the new site, its looking great but … what about an RSS feed to replace the one you had at Pugging Pally? I really prefer my feed reader to the email subscription, and setting up an RSS link is dead easy with wordpress.

    • My RSS feed link is the picture of Millya holding the flaming RSS icon – on the main page’s sidebar! Sorry for the inconvenience! Perhaps it is more subtle than I thought. I spent too much time staring at the site, which makes me not a good impartial judge, unfortunately.

  2. Agree that it can be good. Actually I started playing due to some RL friends playing but the person who actually made me take the plunge was my nephew. We still text back and forth on stuff relating to wow. My daughter wants to play. She is 12. When she does, it will be a reward for doing better in math, which she is doing now =).

    I like your RSS feed image. Did you make that?

    • Awesome! Then she can calculate what percentage DPS increase she can expect from the weapon upgrade that gives her 23 points more spellpower, etc. 😉

      I did make my RSS feed image, thanks! I’m glad you like it. I’d drawn my mage and it was a friend’s idea to include the feed there! Having ingenuous friends is never a bad thing!

  3. Aye her idea of math will take a turn towards ‘ahem’ RL calculating for gaming. LOL.

    Do you still do commissions for blog images?

    • I do, absolutely! Presently my projects list is extremely full with other freelance contracts. I expect I’ll be more free in approximately a month. Would you like me to contact you at that time? I’d understand if you’d rather not wait, too.

  4. I’ll wait and talk to you then in Jan. I am not i a huge hurry to get one this second and can wait for my turn =)

  5. I’m a twenty-something WoW fan – I should really say ‘late twenties’ at this point.

    Yer still a young pup, Vid! Don’t start any of the “I’m in denial about my age” stuff!!

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