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I Am A Damage Dealer


That's why I wear a hood, because it makes me look mysterious and dangerous.

We are the “bad boys” of Warcraft, the mavericks, the devil-may-care, aggro-stealing, reckless ne’er do wells.

Everyone knows we only ever look at our damage meters. Threat? What’s that? Oh, you are threatening me if I don’t stop pulling aggro. I understand that, but I can’t take my eyes off the “two” key long enough to listen, sorry.

I know that I should beg pardon of the tanks and healers because they are the ones with the important role.

DPS are a dime a dozen. Replacing a DPS takes three seconds. Any mouth breather can DPS!

I am not buying it.

Perhaps it’s because these attitudes perpetuate from 5-mans and random pugs with strangers that they seem so prevalent, but anyone who actually believes this BS is missing a key concept in the notion of a team.

As a DPS player, I and my compatriots research our classes tirelessly. We practice on target dummies, we adjust our gemming, our gear, our talents – so that we can do the most damage possible. Yes, there is pride in doing “the most” damage. There is pride in beating your personal best. Without someone damaging bosses (and I’m talking challenging raid content, here) they wouldn’t die.

I have been in guilds where the prevailing attitude was “If we are failing, we need more healers.” They did treat DPS as interchangeable cogs in the wheel. And to an extent, we are. After all, yellow numbers are universal, right? Damage is damage. Incidentally, the “add another healer” approach didn’t really work out for that guild. What they needed was better DPS. Sometimes a boss fight goes on so long and people start to die and it’s easy to misdiagnose this. “People have died,” becomes “Let us find a way to keep them from dying,” leads to, “We need more healers to heal them.”

I am fortunate enough to be in a guild where I feel that all members have the mutual respect of their team-mates. Don’t mistake this declaration as being opposed to tanks and healers. I have played all roles in this game. I didn’t choose to be a damage-dealing class because I’m lazy, or because I’m dumb, or simple, or can’t handle the responsibility of the other roles. I started playing the game as a healer. Around level forty we fell into a regular group of dungeon runners (long before the days of LFD).

In our little group, we had: two holy priests, one protection paladin, one protection warrior, and an arms warrior. I kid you not when I say we spent more than four hours in Sunken Temple. It was ridiculous. We had more people who wanted to tank and heal than who wanted to actually kill things. I re-rolled as a mage, and I set out to be the best damn mage I could be. First I had to level to catch up with my group. I had a lot to learn, and I have been learning it for years.

It’s easy to assume that because many classes can re-spec and do respectable damage with their off-spec gear that “DPS is easy.” Sure, in a sense, it’s easy. You target a creature (hopefully the same one as the tank is targeting) and you kill it. But you might compare an off-spec player with someone playing the same class and spec and see a huge a discrepancy. Why? Because the DPS player practices all the time. He or she knows what they are doing. They have read strats, they know how to maximize their damage for a particular encounter. Believe me, they do, and they think these things all the time. Not because it makes our “e-peen” grow, or because we think that it really makes a huge difference if we cast just one more instant spell as we’re moving instead of just moving. We do it because it’s our job and we are going to do it WELL.

My fellow damage-dealers: there’s a notion floating around that we should be pathetically grateful when a tank deigns to tank for us, and when a healer throws us a pity heal. Receive these boons humbly, but don’t forget that you are also important. We are greater in number because more of us are needed. We are three parts of a five-man, and at least five parts of a ten man, possibly more. Take pride in the work that you do and don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t matter to the success of a group. You often matter more than they know.

Healers: I have the utmost respect for you and the difficult role that you play. I will gladly receive your heals when you see fit to give them to me. In addition, I will try not to take them for granted. I will do my best to survive on my own – through my self-heal, through bandages, through the tools of my class. Please remember and appreciate that I would take a hit for you if I had to – that I keep an eye on you and would frost nova to help you in a pinch, crowd control an angry creature, or kite it away from you. I think of you often and love you when you BoP or shield me, or give me Blessing of Salvation. Without you, there would be no group.

Tanks: I recognize your very difficult job. You are patient when we are overzealous, and we have a back-and-forth power struggle we can’t really escape. When you are doing well, I can unleash the full powers of my devastation. If you are newer, it is my responsibility to hold those powers back so as to not make your life difficult. I thank you for every taunt and all the aggro that you generate. I’m proud to stand beside you when we have killed things together.

We overcome the challenges in this game as a team, for a reason. Whether a group acknowledges it or not, we all have some say in how group play is conducted. DPS may follow along meekly because the tank and healer have a stranglehold on the group, but we aren’t your pissing boys; we are not an endless parade of replaceable cronies.

Perhaps we’ll gain some respect if we claim it for ourselves and show it to each other.

I am a damage dealer, and I’m proud of it.

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  1. Hear hear!

    My shadowy little heart thanks you.

  2. I’m winning at threat! I’m winning at threat!

    • Y’know, one of my old guild’s tanks would actually, um, taunt me, if I wasn’t riding his tail on threat within a few seconds of aggroing Patchwerk.

      Man, those were some fun times. πŸ˜€

      • You can ask any of my guildmates on Twitter – every tank in my guild had an aggro-reducing or protection macro specifically targeting me. Several tanks came in pshawing that idea, saying I couldn’t pull off of them.

        After the first trash pull they made the damn macro.

        I’ll wait a few seconds, but after I count to 10, the gloves are OFF.

      • Haha. This attitude came back to bite me in the ass once as I had told a tank friend that “tanks just need the time it takes me to cast Flamestrike to get aggro,” back when Flamestrike wasn’t instant for Fire folks. Well, time comes that HE is dpsing on his mage and I am trying to tank with my near-to-80 warrior. Mobs were ALL over the place and I yelled at him and he said, “But Millya, you said tanks just need the time it takes to cast Flamestrike!” He wasn’t being disingenuous, it was, after all – what I had told him. Apparently I just needed to be a better tank.

    • Cyn… You’re not helping, haha. πŸ˜‰

  3. I have tried to raid with DPS who were totally awesome people but totally terrible DPS.

    And you know what? All the tanking and healing in the world couldn’t get us through content. Oh, some of the healing could compensate for some of the bad DPSing (in the sense that we could counter your standing in bad) but we couldn’t heal though boss enrages.

    Good DPS r for hugs and keepings!

    • I know just what you mean, and that’s really what I’m getting at. I’ve been in similar groups as a healer. Respect, yo. For the PEOPLE behind the characters – regardless of what role they’ve chosen.

  4. Testify, Vid!! The team is what’s important, and that means treating everyone with respect.

    You want to know what’s hard about DPS? Not pushing the damn button. As Ret, you have to wait until the optimal time to unleash Templar’s Verdict if you want maximum DPS. Given TV is tied to the GCD, there are points where you have to sit on your hands and watch that boss tear into your tank and just stand around, autoattacking. It might only be a few seconds, but that’s my tank, dammit! Your fingers twitch, and you have to remind yourself that no, you have to wait or you’re not going to be able to bring that guy down easily.

    (BTW, Millya is missing her freckles.)

    • DPS recognize! I’m glad this post has been well-received, I was all fired up when I wrote it. What I like about your reply particularly is that you have a possessive sense about the tank… We’re killing it so that it won’t kill him/her! We are benevolent.

      ALSO funny story, I did this drawing almost a year ago now; at the time I didn’t used to emphasize Mil’s freckles as much. I’ve been intending to use it as a reference image for other stuff though so just last night I added the freckles in, but had no time to save a copy of that image. As I used it for the post, I thought, “Damn, no freckles. Ah well, no one will notice. …Ah, someone’s going to notice. Oh well anyway.” ;P

  5. I recently switched to dpsing from healing after listening to my boyfriend’s woes and theorycrafting as he gemmed, enchanted and picked gear upgrades with great care for his mage. After listening for so long, and having started applying his tactics to my healer, I just had to get a feel for damage-dealing myself. I wanted to see the difference I personally could make – I’d been in raids where the healing and tanking was spot-on but the damage was not, resulting in ridiculous wipes and hitting enrages. I wondered, could I make that difference needed to down bosses? And I could. And now I can’t stop the damage-dealing.

    Good dps is hard – it’s not just numbers, though those are important – it’s being part of a team and not playing diva, it’s threading the line of survivability versus max dps, it’s incredibly interesting and adrenaline-rushing for me.

    • Precisely! That’s how I feel about it. I am confident I could continue to play a healer role in our group if we needed it but more importantly if it’s what I want to do. I wouldn’t make anyone heal, tank, or DPS if it wasn’t what they wanted to do, but just because I’ve chosen a DPS role doesn’t mean I’m incapable of learning the other roles and appreciating what goes into them.

  6. /salute

    *starts singing ‘We are family’ by Sister Sledge*

    Also @Redbeard: Word. Screw “haha it’s not faceroll anymore, paladumb”. Rotation, priority, whatever. Easy enough.

    Waiting to press a button, after a year (for me at least) where not pressing a button RIGHT NOW means I’m probably doing it wrong?

    That’s hard!

    • You said it. After the EJ approved method of “hit what comes up next”, you have to retrain to build up your Rogue Combo Points Holy Power to strike at the right time.

      I saw the new EJ rotation, and the first thing out of my mouth was “that’s not right; that only works once you’ve got a rotation going, not when you’re starting one up.” The “patience, Grasshopper” zen thing you need to practice kind of gets thrown out the window when you’ve got people exhorting you faster and faster.

    • *DPS high-five*

      I can only sympathize with the ret paladin dilemma. I’m not even trying to re-learn my alt’s off-specs after 4.0. So I have no idea. But I believe you. Constantly hitting those attacks with no cast times the few times I tried it was ‘zomg what is this I don’t even’ for me playing Vid.

  7. Dear Mouthy Jerk Tanks,

    It was a fantastic day when I realized if I pushed just a bit harder on the Harvester of Soul’s Soul Ribbon that I could turn you into a grease stain on the floor of H Forge of Souls.

    Your job is important. Please don’t trivialize mine.

    (pps, if I could GET a better trinket, I’d HAVE a better trinket k thx bai)

  8. Awesome post, Vid! It’s so very true. I feel blessed to also be in a guild where there is NO drama attitude about what role you are. I know I have been spending a lot of time at the dummies as my DK, practicing, trying different weapon combinations, etc. And DAMN RIGHT I am proud when the results show!

    I think a significant problem with the stigma towards DPS is how many more of us there are. In a random dungeon group, there are 3 of us, but only ONE tank, and ONE healer. If it was a 3-man group with 1 of each, I get the feeling things would be a lot more equal. (Of course, it does make sense with there being more DPS, since all classes can do it, it’s for leveling, etc etc. I’m just saying.)

    • Thanks! I definitely can’t imagine any drama of this type in TTGF.
      As for the sheer number of DPS, I think you’re right about that, Rades. Voss and I were talking about this just this afternoon. I’ve met plenty of bad tanks and healers, but I try to bring tanks and healers I know to avoid that problem. When I was leveling Vid, obviously I didn’t meet bad healers at all, as a tank I won’t meet bad tanks – but in any role there’s a higher chance I’ll meet poor or otherwise rude DPS because there are just more of them. They are the lowest common denominator.

  9. I think it’s an important point to differentiate between pugging culture and guilds in WoW – like you I don’t really see or feel these role-attitudes in my own guild, but I know they’re out there. I’d like to think that we have just as good DPS in our guild as we have tanks or healers, after all that’s why we recruited them. there’s plenty of great DPS that show how it needs to be done. however, they’re probably not in your everyday pug.

    • I agree, Syl, it’s definitely a fine line. Even those of us in guilds are apt to pug or play other characters so I know I have seen it action – although the majority of my playtime is spent with my guildies! I remember being so frustrated trying to get gear for my alt (Horde) mage. I would wait 30 minutes in the queue for H Forge of Souls. The group would assemble and zone in. The tank would say “I can’t tank this,” and drop group. The healer would drop group without a word – why would they wait around for some DPS scrubs and no tank? It ended up with just me and one other hapless DPS hoping for FoS. After thirty seconds he dropped group and it was just me – frustrated, with an LFD debuff, and unable to queue again. I know that their actions weren’t intended as a personal affront, but it was like we weren’t even people to them. Maybe that’s the REAL problem, is people treating others in LFD (regardless of role) like soulless automatons or NPCs put there for their own convenience.

  10. I too play all roles but my main is a damage dealer. I, like yourself, make sure to know what I need to know beforehand and work my darn hardest to squeeze every last of damage out of my rotation without taking damage or stealing threat.

    I often tell my guild mates that complain about “bad tanks” and “bad healers” that they should look in the mirror. Sometimes a “good dps” can turn a “bad tank” into a good tank. If the “bad tank” is bad and you do nothing to help the situation then you are “bad dps”.

    A tank can only do what they are capable of doing. A DPS, if they pay attention, can make that tanks life easier. It is easier for us to slow our DPS then it is for them to increase their threat generation.

    We also can make the life of the healer easier. I trap mobs that go for the healer or take them off of them. It makes the healers job easier if they do not need to go running from mobs. I also make the healers job easier by doing my damn hardest to be the lowest on a certain stat on recount. The lowest in damage received.

    Any DPS can do great DPS. Only good DPS can do great DPS and turn a “bad tank” or “bad healer” into a “good tank” or a “good healer”.

    DPS have that power to make tanks better and healers better.

    Good DPS is harder to find then a good tank or a good healer is. There are just so many of us that it goes unnoticed by most.

    So I say it with you.

    I am a damage dealer and I am proud of it.

    • Hear, hear! I like your approach; because while it might be a cliche it’s true – you can’t change the behaviour of others, but you can change your own. It’s all about being a team and working as one, which is probably where the “everybody for himself” attitude gets in the way.

    • “Sometimes a β€œgood dps” can turn a β€œbad tank” into a good tank.”

      Since my main is a hunter I always thought that was part of my job (as well as healer bodyguard). Although there was one tank that was so bad my MDing to him didn’t even help. I ended up having to run that as melee DPS so as to not pull threat from him.

      • Your role as the healer’s bodyguard can’t be stressed enough. If the tank doesn’t see that mob going for the healer, you better, especially as ranged DPS. Healers are your friends. Dungeons are filled with bad people who will try to hurt your friend.

        And you do not abandon your friend to them.

      • Hell, it’s simply *practical* to keep your healer alive, even if you don’t like ’em that much**. Loose mobs might choose to eat you. There might be a damage aura. You might screw up. And a living healer might just save you.

        ** Of course I like all healers. They’re lovely and skilled and nice and I like to bring them little gifts. Did anyone mention triage?

      • Aw. Kudos for commitment to the overall order of things, though. Many hunters would’ve just said, “Screw this, my pet can tank this.”

        Voss has really missed MD from hunters since ours is pretty much unhappy with the 4.0 changes and won’t be playing one any more. I didn’t realize how much it helped tanks!

  11. As someone who really hasn’t played as a damage dealer since I was noobishly pulling aggro of Magmadar (until my guildies told me to install KTM and to learn what feign death was) I must also tip my hat to you people.

    But this is a lesson I learnt the hard way. On our regular ICC runs we always had to pug people and originally I would also try and fill the tank and healer roles within the guild and then look for dps for the rest (part of this is also that it _is_ a quicker solution because of the relative numbers) – but I ended up changing this policy because it was actually taking away some of our awesome damage dealers and sticking them in the healing role… to be replaced by people that weren’t doing as well.

    I saw a screen shot of our Lady Deathwhisper kill on our second ICC yesterday and noted the time – it was only just short of the enrage timer (and if I remember rightly we’d wiped before that to the enrage timer). Going back through my post on our forums this is what I concluded: “This week we had difficulties on Deathwhisper – and it came down to the pugs not pulling their weight – from looking through the logs it seems to confirm it that their effective dps is actually quite low on that fight so the adds weren’t dying quick enough. So we really need to get and hold onto some more good dps.”

    It was at that point that a) I tried to keep our great guildy dpsers as dps, and b) paid more attention to who were the good damage dealers that we pugged with the intention of inviting them back.

    As a tank… and sometimes healer – I look at what good damage dealers can do – and I get jealous! I wish I could perform as well when I switch to a dps role… but I can’t. I don’t practice it enough, and I’m not sure I have the mindset either (which is perhaps why I look at the changes of cataclysm with more cc in 5 mans and think – cool I’d love to be that awesome CC guy – it’s about control for me!)

    So my hat is off to you! Thank you for the work you do… just don’t try and pull for me unless I ask you to!

    • Your story is interesting and not at all uncommon! When we were organizing alt pug ICC runs, we’d make sure to fill the healing/tanking roles as well. Usually the guild DPS we had could carry pug DPS, but it was typically pretty apparent that they were the weakest link and stronger DPS would have definitely added to our success. (Sometimes the weakest link was the healers…me! Those were the runs I was healing as a paladin).

      I think success as a DPS does partially depend on a single-minded determination. Sometimes I have it, at other times I don’t. I’m willing to do things that hurt my personal DPS for the good of the group – I think all the DPS I’m guilded with generally are. Our warlock was pointing out a case during H LK attempts last week where he basically saved my bacon with Shadowfury – and the ret paladin was right behind him, each of them working to round up a stray horror that had escaped Voss. I went off on a tangent here – DPS just isn’t your primary focus and that’s OK. I’m sure you are a much better thank than I am on my lowly alts.

      p.s. I never pull for a tank! It sends tanks into a frothing rage. Maybe that’s just Voss…

  12. I think that it’s important to have good tanks, healers AND dps in a raid. On some fights it’s about sheer damage output (think patchwerk back when he was the dps check to see if you could continue), while sometimes it’s about movement and knowing when to switch targets.

    If your dps is bad (not even about their damage output) and won’t learn the tactics, it doesn’t matter how many good healers/tanks you have – you’re still going to wipe.

    I’ve been a healer (though not since TBC in a raid setting) a dps and a tank (ToC and ICC) in guild raids – and while I find healing and tanking more stressful – I find dps to have more movement to do (okay, same for healers I guess).

    As a tank I have to say that sure, I got really stressed by tanking (has to do with personal health issues too, so I’m not very stress resilient, so others may not be as stressed) – but it’s not because I necessarily have so much to do, but rather the knowledge that if I make a mistake we’re likely to wipe.

    For the majority of the fights I’ve tanked the dps seems to have a lot more to do than I. This was something that first surprised me when I started tanking. A lot of fights.. I just stand there.. hold aggro on the boss. I might need to move him slighgtly, but most of the bosses.. nope.. or there’a a taunt rotation with another tank. But for the most part.. you’re job is fairly straight forward.

    Take Blood Princes as an example. You’re standing there.. tanking your mob. You may be looking around you to make sure you don’t stand close to one of the whirly portals that will knock you around the room, but other than that – you pretty much stand there and hold aggro on the boss.

    As a dps, for the same fight, you have to work on your positioning, make sure you move for the one fire orb to get out of it, and knowing the other one to actually get into its path instead. Look out for the orbs from above to make sure they don’t hit the ground. Watch out for the swirly things on the ground. Space out for the damage from the middle dude. Switch to the right target.

    Sure, if the tank fails – you’ll wipe. But if the dps fails to look out for the things they need to – you’ll eventually wipe too. It’ll just take a bit longer.

    And sorry for the long message *lol* I really get going sometimes.

    • Don’t apologize! The webpage has plenty enough room for as many words as you have. πŸ˜‰

      I think that engagement/responsibility really varies from fight to fight. I loooove BPC because the ranged have to work together to ensure success, and failure to hold up those orbs used to spell a wipe (especially on its heroic mode, OUCH). The only tank in our guild who likes that fight is whoever is tanking Kele’seth because so much movement is involved. The other tank invariably hates it.

      Both tanks hate Blood Queen equally, though. For them it is an incredibly boring fight! Personally, it’s Sindragosa that is my albatross. Back before we had plenty of caster DPS it used to be so frustrating to stand there uselessly for much of the time, playing “can I cast this without killing myself” chicken.

  13. Tell it like it is! *cheers*

    I’m all out of insightful/clever things to add to the discussion, but I felt the need to show my support. More power to the people! (especially the mage-people)

  14. Lovely blog post. My first main – well, the first character I got past 40 – was a mage, and I had similar experiences. I don’t think I’d have learned to play the game to the same level if I hadn’t started as a pure dps, fragile as hell little gnome.

    That said, I have raided a bit on my mage and I find myself vacillating between two states: yawn, this is dull, and OHCRAPWHERE’STHEADDI’MINFIREAGGHdead. I think I’m just not that good at end-content dps and I have high respect for those who can pull it off.

    In an instance I can pull threat with the best of ’em but in raids? It’s flailmage time. I’ll stick to my HOT counting ways.

    • Thanks, Analogue. I’m glad it’s been taken in the spirit it was intended. It was cathartic to write.

      It’s fair if you aren’t into mage raiding – I think it’s actually an important skill to recognize that something just isn’t enjoyable for you – and then not do it. I raided for a good chunk of Wrath as a moonkin and frankly detested it. In theory it was “not so different from a mage” and yet it really is. That was my mistake. So I’ll just keep maging and appreciating my sometimes tree buddies!

  15. I think the vast overrepresentation of DPS in the LFD system has done a lot to beliefs such as “any mouth breather can DPS!”. At least within LFD, DPS -are- a dime a dozen and they -can- be replaced in three seconds. The near absence of fights that require high outgoing damage further diminishes the value of good dps players; they don’t make the difference between a kill and a wipe but, rather, a 40 second kill and a 60 second kill. It’s a stark contrast from running Shattered Halls during BC when a skilled hunter or mage made my life so much easier. Wrath heroics are the environment in which a lot of the emnity towards DPS breeds. And, to be honest, as a tank that sometimes joins LFD, there is no shortage of occasions when it’s entirely justified.

    That said, it has been my experience that in raids the situation is almost entirely reversed. Most guilds capable of raiding have managed to build a core of at least competent tanks and healers; without these, it’s difficult to get through heroics without a lot of fuss. What seems to distinguish ok raids from great raids, though, is the quality of dps. Eighteen strong dps can cover for a surprising number of mistakes by the tanks and healers.

    In general, I think that most players faced with a challenge are capable of looking at it carefully and figuring out ways to improve their performance sufficiently to conquer that challenge. Just as I think that the very low threshold for adequacy as DPS in Wrath heroics has stolen away important learning opportunities for many DPS players, so too do am I gratified to see some of them do things that are still far beyond my abilities when I am asked to play a dps offspec. My hope is that Cataclysm dungeons will provide a smoother curve of challenges both across content levels (ie, regular dungeons, heroics, and the various raid tiers) and roles (tanks, healers, and dps).

  16. ladyerinia said:

    Hear hear!

    Sure, any warm body can DPS, but can they DPS well? Nope! I take pride in my DPS. I cuddle it, stroke it, and research strategies tirelessly (and make up my own and test them and use them if they work). Every time I enter a raid or dungeon, I maximize my DPS after making sure I don’t have aggro and I’m not standing in things that can kill me.

    Good DPS remain aware of their surroundings while doing the damage that will ultimately kill the boss. Sure, tanks and healers have a tough job, but good DPS have a tough job as well. We don’t just mash random keys.

    So thank you =)

  17. Really enjoyed this post, and all of the commenters thoughts!
    Although I considered adding many of my own thoughts, I would sum up by saying that I feel the environment and atmosphere of the dungeon finder groups over the last six months has contributed to the over-all cynisism for use. It would seem that so many players have forgotton how to work as a team, or have simply abandoned it for self-interests alone.
    I am a fair, not great-but-working-on-it, dps’er. I go in with the attitude of “group”. Don’t pull aggro from tank, watch the healer, bring all my own pots, flasks, and self-heals. Nuke my best and hope for the best.
    Anyway, the lack of group attitude and the condition of the dungeon finder, I think contributes to why better players staying with their guildies/friends and those who are trying to learn are left in the cold LFD with total silence and egotistical, over-geared tanks.

  18. DPS is too hard for me! πŸ˜› I have the utmost respect for anyone who can do it properly without flailing around losing their target like me.

    Of course, like anyone else, if you act like a jerkbag you’re going to lose that respect. But the same goes for inconsiderate tanks and healers who pull and people who have no talent points assigned at all. XD

  19. I like to tank first and foremost.

    But your know, sometimes, when I’m on my Frost DK unleashing a massive row of Obliterates and auto-crit no-rune Howling Blasts with Talons and all haste buffs at max, and then someone pops Hero…. and then I pop a Haste potion… trigger trinkets…. click that Empowered Rune Weapon and… I swear, blood clouds my vision and threat is the last thing on my mind and all I hear is the vicious sound of axes swinging into an exposed boss at a speed that I imagine the blades just blur… and huge 5-digit yellow numbers start flying over the boss’ head until Omen howls and then I stab that push to talk and scream, “RAKSHAS NEEDS SALV BADLY!”

    But honestly. Between you and me. At moments like that, sometimes, I think, selfishly and secretly, if I die now, here, from pulling agro…. it’ll be worth it.

    Because goddamn. Those are some huge, yellow numbers.

  20. Thank you for making this post! I couldn’t agree more ^_^. I’ve been a dps for over 95% of my time on WoW, and I can’t stand it when tanks/healers label us as “unnecessary” or “expendable.”

  21. […] head over to Manalicious where Vid has been posting just a whole slew of good stuff, including I Am A Damage Dealer (which was a response to Tam’s also-excellent musings on the divine right of tanks ), […]

  22. […] stated DPS pride that he espoused. He was the first person (and one of the few) I have met who was truly dedicated and proud of being a DPS player. Never apologizing just for existing, or for taking up a spot in a group, he knew that in any group […]

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