Mages, ten-man raiding, and other things that are awesome.

Double O Podcast

Ten Vosskahs are better than...?

I have a few post ideas I am mulling over for here, this past week has just been so busy! Vosskah and I joined Ophelie and Oestrus this past weekend on their podcast. We talked about a lot of guild leading-related things and had a good time and a long chat. So you can check that out if you are into podcasts, and thanks again to those two ladies for having us. We both enjoyed ourselves.

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  1. Woo, Double O is my favorite Podcast even though it’s only like 6 episodes in, it was good to hear you guys yak, I haven’t heard your voices in ages. 🙂

    • That’s true! I’m imagining you now listening to the podcast before you read the blurb or anything and going, “Waiiiit a minute!”

  2. Makes me kinda sad that you’re not maining your mage anymore haha

    • I’m not, but YOU are, right?
      Is it possible to still be a mage at heart? Sometimes I miss the low-stress life of a fireballing M-A-G-E, but I do really enjoy the challenge of healing, too. I have always said that if mages had a healing spec (as in Rift) then things would be just perfect!

      • I didn’t mean it in any derisive way =), but yes I too wish that mages had a healing spec. That would definitely make the LFD queues much quicker and thus, shortening the (almost) maddening VP grind.

  3. Marshmallows is pretty different. Our guild/raid leader is one of our most casual players, and our recruiting didn’t exist at all until one of the officers decided to start doing it. Our raid leader also has almost no role in writing our strats, our strats are done by me, another regular member and one officer. The guild leader does a lot of really important stuff, but there’s no official delegation, people just do what they feel comfortable doing. I write our strats because I’ve been raiding for 11 years and I speak WoL like a third language. If I didn’t though, someone else would.

    We definitely don’t have much structure or laid-out expectations, and with only 13 in our raid group we don’t have any sort of “role leadership” stuff. We’re really just a group of friends that casually fight internet dragons, we’re 4/7 heroic but we are extremely chill. We heart 10mans because we can be really, really successful while still being able to be chill. 12 hours a week and we’re done.

    • It’s all about finding the place on the spectrum that “works” for whatever you and your group wants. I think our guild does best with some formal roles and responsibilities, but we’re also very laid-back. I think the 12 hours a week is key, too, and we used to be a twelve hour guild (pre-Cata, actually pre-summer of ICC-omg-it’s-been-out-so-long.) It did hurt our progression to drop down to nine, and we’re a bit more casual than we were, but I’m not willing to go back to twelve because inevitably when we were raiding twelve I was raiding four nights a week, so was Voss and the other officers/raid leads. Having to tell your friends and family, “I can’t see you because I’m raiding. Oh, I’m raiding then too. Yes, also then,” got old. So I guess, I don’t know how our members feel about it but I’m not racing anybody through content, or stressing out. We will clear the content, and if the roster will stay stable now I am confident we can clear it while it’s current. Any additional accomplishments/speed are gravy! I’m proud of my guild; it’s nice to hear you’re proud of yours too. 🙂

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