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Tuesday Art Day: Shaedre

Sometimes art day is a drawing, sometimes it’s a teeny druid made out of Sculpey. Today is the latter!

Shaedre is my druid, once a main, now an alt – once a character I roleplayed, now one I just think of fondly. Her hair has an assortment of different junk in it at any given moment.Weaving her braids was fun, and she’s probably the most complicated Sculpey figurine I’ve made to date. Edited to add: You’ll notice some of these photos have Easter eggs in them! They were part of my participation in the Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt. The original images are the ones without.

Her face is an emoticon; this one. 😀

Look, she is festive!

From this angle you can see some of her hair ribbons.

A few other miscellaneous things for this Tuesday – I’ve been extremely gratified overall by the response to my post the other day. If you visit the comments there are quite a few pingbacks and people have been sharing their new blog finds. It’s very exciting and my feedreader is going to be expanding over the next few days for sure!

Secondly, I occasionally use this space as a way of promoting my guild a bit and it’s that time again. We found a great holy paladin back in February, he’s settled into the guild quite nicely – but now our Death Knight tank has been pulled away from raiding by real-life. So we are recruiting again! We’d like another DK tank if at all possible but would also give consideration to a druid, paladin, or even a warrior (although a warrior would be a bit more complicated).

If you or anyone you know is looking for a great tens guild, we raid Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-9 PM PST. We’re currently 2/13 heroic mode encounters and we’re so close on Maloriak we can taste it. (Tastes kind of sludgey, actually).

You can read our recruitment thread here, or visit our guild website here. Feel free to ask any questions either on the blog or you can poke me on Twitter (@_vidyala) or via e-mail. Thanks!

Comments on: "Tuesday Art Day: Shaedre" (40)

  1. I’ll admit that I expected a Moonkin when I read the title, but this is even better!

    I know you’ve used Sculpey before, but one thing I’ve wondered is whether you can fire or bake. I have this mental image of several days’ work going squish because of an accidental knocking over.

    • Oh yeah, Sculpey is bakeable. I put off baking this one because for MONTHS (yes months) our oven was broken so that you couldn’t program the temperature. Sculpey is baked at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 mins per 1/4″ of thickness, so in the case of this little gal I baked her for 45 minutes, I think. Once baked, it’s not at all pliable to the touch and in fact feels sort of like bisque. I don’t know how durable it’d be if you, say, dropped it on a hard surface – but fortunately I haven’t had to find out!

  2. That is so great! I love the detail.

    You should make a treant. 😉

  3. AAAAHHHH OMG! That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen pretty much ever. XD I love how she’s all ^_^

    And the detail is gorgeous! How long did it take you to make?

    Also, best of luck on Maloriak!

    • You know, Shizu, I honestly don’t remember. I tend to watch TV while I sculpt. I want to say it took about five hours? But I could be wrong. Next time I make one I’ll try to actually pay attention.

  4. OH MY GOD HOW CUTE IS SHE????? *ded of cute*

  5. Vid, your talent never ceases to amaze me. That is so adorable!

    Best of luck on the recruiting!

  6. Oh, good grief. What the hell are you doing making me “Awww!”?

  7. These are always so adorable. I particularly love the detail on this little Shaedre! The braids, the pattern on the leaves…so great. 😀

    • Thanks Rades. I think I’ve been getting better at them, truthfully. Practice, and all that. I always see things I could improve after the fact!

  8. Very, very cute! 😀

  9. I find the art you make wow related or not inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I would love if you could teach me how to draw digitally as you do some day. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Jorge. I’m not much of a teacher, really – the best advice I can give if you want to draw (digitally or otherwise!) is to draw from life and practice often. I do more cartooney WoW stuff now, but I’ve spent a lifetime drawing, and four years in college drawing from life and models many hours a week. I think keen observation can be developed and everyone can improve their drawing proficiency!

      Whew, soapbox finished.

  10. That’s a 😀 face alright! Heehee.

  11. I would possibly be interested in your opening. The term “would possibly” is used because I may be a bit undergeared for the content you guys are running.

    Here’s my armory if you wanna take a gander:

  12. Wow the detail is amazing!

  13. My goodness, she is positively adorable!

  14. EEEEE so adorable!!!!!!

    By chance would you do paid commissions on these? I think this would be a perfect mother’s day present for my mum 🙂 She loves her little druid!

    • I’m not sure, Chloe! It’s something folks have asked about since I started doing them. My biggest concern is that the time they take vs a reasonable price for them would mean they probably wouldn’t be terribly profitable. That said, I might consider it as a “test-run” to see how long it takes to do one that I’m not just making up as I go along. Please feel free to e-mail me (puggingpally AT gmail dot com) and perhaps we can discuss.

  15. The cute…it burns. Night elves are evil and rotten to the core and responsible for every bad thing that ever happened in Azeroth ever, but she’s adorable!

  16. I told you on twitter how much I loved this, and I’ll say it again. Too, too cute.

    Also, I can haz?? 😉

  17. Wow. She looks amazing. You got a lot of great detail in there, and I do believe it’s impossible not to love that expression. 😀

    Nice! Thanks for sharing her with us.

  18. That’s one incredibly well done and super-cute figure. How long did it take you to make and paint?

    And good luck on the recruitment front!

    • Thanks, Rahana! Sadly, I wish I knew. 😦 I wasn’t timing myself. I’m guessing around five hours but I could be way off. And it’s actually not painted; I’ve started using different colours of Sculpey because it gives such a nice clean look without needing to paint!

  19. SQUEEE that is so cute! I love the sculpy-Shaedre!

    • Every day needs a dose of cuteness. Which reminds me! I saw a baby husky on our walk yesterday! OMG. 9 weeks old! So cute little ball of fluff licking my fingers. Her owner said, “She has to be cute, because that is the only thing that keeps her worthwhile. She is so. much. work.” She looked tired.

  20. Dear Santa,

    I want one of those.



  21. Wow this is amazing most talented sculpture i have ever seen of a wow model :O , have you been into art all of your life?

  22. /applause

    Oh, and Happy Easter!

  23. Still the cutest. 🙂

  24. […], Vidyala replaced the first picture of her adorable Sculpey druid with a new picture containing a […]

  25. […] can’t remember who suggested me because they had seen the figurines I have done before. (See: Shaedre, Millya). For many reasons this was a much more complicated project than those – they had to […]

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